19 Space-Saving Window Garden Ideas for Your Home

Jungle Window Garden

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Can’t find space to grow the garden you want?

Try these creative window garden ideas.

Don’t let the small space fool you. There’s a lot of things you can grow by your window.

And, because your window gets the most sunlight in your home, it’s perfect for most plants.

Below are some amazing window and windowsill gardens you can try.

Many of them are DIY. So, they’re cheap as well.

Hanging Bowls

best window garden ideas

Windows are perfect for hanging things.

That’s because they’re vertical in nature.

But, what makes a great window garden is how it’s designed and what’s in it.

That’s the case with these open bowl mini terrariums.

Add to that, you’ve got a few of them hanging down.

And, each one has lovely colors to make them stand out even more.

Hanging Pails

windowsill garden ideas

Here’s another option.


A window herb garden works perfectly because especially if you’re facing the south or east. This gives your plants a lot of sunlight to help the grow properly.

Plus, you’ll be able to pick the herbs and use them for your meals.

It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Colorful Flower Box

window garden designs

Windows work both ways.

That is, you can plant your garden inside or outside.

Because your window opens, you’re able to access your garden either way.

The biggest difference here is the space. Often, there’s more space outside than in. That’s because placing a lot of plants on a countertop or right under your window can cramp the area.

Windowsill Container Garden

how to create a window garden

That said, putting the right amount of plants by your windowsill works wonders.

This is a great example of using variety.

Both the plants and the containers are all different.

This lets you design, decorate and arrange them in any way you want.

DIY Window Garden

DIY Window Garden

This is one of the best ways to grow a window garden.

Often people hang plants on windows because there just isn’t enough space on the windowsill.

This idea solves that problem.

Add an extra level.

And, she uses a glass pane to do it. The glass keeps the light going through.

In contrast, a piece of wood or metal will block the light making the window darker.


Succulents window garden

Succulents, like herbs, are perfect for windowsill gardening.

That’s because of their size.

They’re small enough to easily fit even in narrow windowsills.

Plus, they’ve got a lot of variety.

This lets you use all sorts of herbs or succulents by your window.

Roses on the Railing

outdoor window garden

If you don’t have a balcony, you can use this idea to grow a garden.

You can get flower boxes that attach to your window’s railing.

The boxes give you enough space while the railing provides support.

And, because flowers are meant to be shared with the world, this is one of the best ways to grow your garden.

Hanging Mason Jars

Hanging Mason Jars

Besides hanging plants in front of the window, you can likewise put them to the side.

This great design lets you keep the view unobstructed.

And, it still lets you grow your garden at the same time.

The mason jars jars are attached to hooks simply by tying a rope around the jar’s neck. This makes it super simple to set up.

Single Pot

Container window garden

Sometimes, one pot is all you need.

That’s the case here.

The bright yellow flowers and the ceramic pots look gorgeous.

Plus, there’s no risk of overcrowding.

Mini Herb Garden

Mini Herb Garden

This window herb garden is great because it makes you feel homey.

And, it doesn’t take any special equipment to achieve this.

All you need is a tray, a few rocks and used food cans.

Then, you can plant your herbs in the cans.

Oh, don’t forget the red ribbon. That’s a nice final touch to the entire garden.

Rustic Mini Container Garden

This is a lovely way to decorate your window.

It’s simple and uses just a few plants.

The pots are perfect because they match the brick wall as well.

Windowsill Herb Garden

Windowsill Herb Garden

If you prefer making something that’s more DIY, here’s a great idea.

The containers are made from used canned foods.

And, simply by painting and labeling them, you make them new again.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make all the difference in the world.

This is perfect for kitchen windowsills because you’ve got your herbs right there for the picking.

Horizontal Hanging Pots

Horizontal Hanging Pots

This is one of my favorites.

It’s yet another DIY project you can easily do on the weekend.

All you need is a wooden plank and some rope.

You will need to drill the holes where the pots go into. This is the best way to make sure they fit perfectly.

Just follow all the steps and you’ll be have your own horizontal hanging window garden at home.

Classic Flower Box

Flower Box Window Garden

One of the best things about flower boxes is that you can design the florals as well as the box that holds them.

Bright, colorful flowers work really well especially when they’re flowing out.

And, the box in this case is made from wood.

Flower Bed Outside the Window

Flower Bed Outside the Window

Here’s another variation of the flower box.

But in this case, it’s the frame that serves as the box.

And, in it there’s a “nest” that holds all the flowers inside.

Once again, the bright colorful flowers make your window garden shine.

DIY Vertical Window Garden

DIY Vertical Window Garden

Love DIY?

Here’s something you can do.

All you need are a few recycled plastic bottles.

This tutorial will show you exactly how to cut the plastic bottles in order to create your very own vertical window garden.

This lets you arrange the bottles invertedly so they hold the plants.

You’ll also be drilling holes in the bottom of these bottles to allow them to “connect” with one another.

Inverted Half Bottles

Inverted Half Bottles

Speaking of bottles, here’s another wonderful DIY window garden project.

But this time, you’ll be using glass bottles.

That means you will want to be a little bit more careful so you don’t get cut by the glass.

It’s likewise important to smoothen the edges of the bottle so that they become blunt.

That said, this is a simple, yet very uniquely creative window garden design.

DIY Window Pane Vegetable Garden

DIY Window Pane Vegetable Garden

If you’re looking for a more “out of this world” idea, here’s one.

It’s a window garden concept that uses a pivoting window pane.

Yes, the window itself opens downward to let you see the garden horizontally.

When closed, all the plants are grown vertically.

Who knows, this may very well be the future of window gardens 10-15 years from now.

Variety of Plants

Jungle Window Garden

In case you want to add a little rural or jungle feel to your window, here’s an idea you can try.

In addition to the containers on your windowsill, you can grow some overhead as well.

This will let you add an extra dimension to your garden.

It’s perfect if you live in the city where everything’s so urban and modern.


Your window is probably one of the last places you’d think of to put up a garden.

But, if you think about it, it’s actually a great place to do so.

That’s because windows allow sunlight to enter your home. And, most plants need a lot of it to grow.

I hope that the ideas above have given you a new perspective on window gardens.

Go ahead try one out yourself.

Let me know which one above you liked most?


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