9 Brilliant Urban Garden Ideas to Save Space

Urban Garden Ideas

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Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t have a green thumb. Sure, you may not have as much space to work with. But, if there’s a will, there’s a way. And, to prove that, here are some amazing urban garden ideas you can do at home.

Urban gardening are two words that don’t see to fit together. That’s because the urban design of things doesn’t leave much space for green areas. On the other hand, traditional gardens often need a lot of soil and land area to flourish.

The good news is, even if you live in an apartment or townhouse without a backyard, there’s not reason to give up on gardening.

Here are some awesome ways to prove that.

Amazing Urban Garden Ideas You Can Try

Rolling Garden

Rolling GardenThis is a super cool idea that gives you a lot of versatility. The garden on a rolling cart not only looks amazing, it also lets you easily move the plants where you want it.

This gives you the flexibility to redecorate your home in an instant. When the seasons change and the plants on the cart change, you can also change its location to suit the best place in your home.


Mini Greenhouse

Mini GreenhouseYou may not have the space for an entire greenhouse. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own greenhouse.

This mini greenhouse not only looks beautiful it also lets you grow plants like you would a real greenhouse. Yes, it does miss some of the fittings. But, it works just fine in letting you green all sorts of plants without taking up a lot of space.


Modular Vertical Garden

Modular Vertical GardenIf you need to decorate a wall or make a faux wall, why not hang up this module garden. This is a great way to grow an entire crop of herbs or plants and let them hang from above.

In doing so, you’ll be able to save on space and without sacrificing the size of your garden.

Just imagines setting them up in an area that was otherwise boring or bland. It immediately gives life to that space.


Shoe Storage Bag Vertical Planter

Shoe Storage Bag Vertical PlanterAnother way to hang plants vertically is to use a shoe storage bag. This is an amazing, not to mention inexpensive item that lets you hang your plants vertically.

Shoe storage bags are ideal for small plants because of the shape of the shoe bags. Their size and shape lets it hold the soil and entire plant easily.


Urban Garden Hangers

Urban Garden HangersIf you want something more formal, try these hangers. These are slim with deep pockets muck like noodle strainers. Of course, you do get to choose the size and shape of the hangers. This gives you the freedom to express yourself.

We love that they hang from above which makes use of the space that is free. This also reduces the congestion on the ground so you can easily move around.


Herb Wall Kitchen Garden

Herb Wall Kitchen GardenYou can grow an herb wall garden any way you want. This is one elegant way to do so. What’s awesome about this is that it’s a DIY but looks so professionally made.

Everyone will be surprised when you tell them that you did it yourself. They probably won’t even believe you because of how great it looks.

Because of its design, you’ll be able to add your own finishing touches. You can use different types of pots, color them and hang them the way you want.


City Window Box

City Window BoxIf you don’t have a lot of space indoors, why not use your window to grow a garden. This is perfect if you live in a congested city where apartment space is tight to come by.

This box with will let you maximize your window space so that you can grow different kinds of plants without giving up any floor space inside.


Pallet Vegetable Garden

Pallet Vegetable GardenIf you have a balcony or small area for your garden, why not use a pallet. This is a simple, yet lovely way to display your garden without having to hang nails on the wall. It also frees up the space on top for other things.

This is a great way to create your own edible garden when space is hard to come by. The pallet gives you a solid and stable structure that holds the crops in place.

This will give them time to grow so that you can harvest your crop to eat.


Vertical Pot Garden

Vertical Pot GardenElegant and simple with is an incredible way of sprucing up a blank wall. All you need are wall shelves to hold the pots and you’re good to go.

You get to pick which plants, what kind of pots and how to arrange your garden. This way, they’re beautiful to look at and also make your home happier and healthier.

What more can you ask for?


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