10 Unique DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas and Plans

Raised Garden Bed Ideas and Plans

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Raised gardens take extra work to set up and maintain. But, they’re well worth your effort if you don’t want to deal with weeds, compacted soil and a few other gardening headaches. The one thing I do have with raised gardens is how they look. They all look the same because it’s just not easy to be creative with them. If that’s also how you feel, you’ll be happy to see these wonderful raised garden bed ideas.

These are some plans that will take your raised garden beds to the next level. They not only keep the benefits you want, but also make your garden look like the star that they are.


Raised Garden Beds from Reclaimed Wood

Raised Garden Beds from Reclaimed WoodOne way to spruce up your raised garden bed is to use different types of wood. Instead of the usual plywood, why not use reclaimed wood.

This not only makes use of something that nobody wants, it also helps with the environment.

The reclaimed wood gives your raised garden a totally different look that makes it stand ou.


Simple Raised Garden Bed

Simple Raised Garden BedIf you want something more basic that’s not boring, try this one for size. This uses a simple look with some small touches to make it stand out.

This just shows that keeping it traditional is good sometimes. As long as you know how to do it well.


DIY Greenhouse Garden Bed

DIY Greenhouse Garden BedFor anyone who wants to be able to protect their plants from the harsh elements when they come, here’s an innovative idea.

This DIY greenhouse not only uses a garden bed it also helps protect your plants from the cold, harsh sun or strong winds when needed.

You can set the cover so that it keeps your plants safe when mother nature isn’t happy. And, let the plants enjoy the sun during a beautiful day.


Watering Trough Raised Garden Beds

Watering Trough Raised Garden BedsNot sure if you have any watering troughs lying around. But, if you happen to have them, this idea will give your garden a unique look that no one else will ever have.

What’s great about watering troughs is that they’re large enough to house all sorts of plants. And, they’re so deep that you can grow any species including those that have deep root systems.

This is something that traditional raised beds have a hard time doing especially if you only have 6 or so inches of soil underneath.


Box Style Raised Garden Bed

Want a portable raised garden bed? Try this on for size. All you need is a crate, some soil and you’re ready to go.

This is perfect if you want to be able to bring your plants indoors during the winter. Or, if you want the freedom to move it around.

It definitely beats one on the ground since that’s a lot harder to move.


Square Foot Garden Bed

Square Foot Garden BedShould you want to grow a square foot garden, you can do it like this. This is a very traditional way of doing a square food garden. But, it also gives you the ability to decide on how high the bed will go.

This setup lets you plant different vegetables side by side so that you can enjoy different crops during different seasons of the year.


DIY Garden Enclosure

DIY Garden EnclosureIn case you want to keep your garden free of animals and other bothersome creatures, here’s a good way to do it.

This is great if you live in an area where deer, rabbits and other animals can wander their way into your yard. The enclosure makes sure that they won’t be able to mess with your garden, damage it, poop or pee on it.

It’s a good way to protect your work and save you time from having to fix the damage animals can cause to it.


DIY Raised Garden Bed with Gate

DIY Raised Garden Bed with GateHere’s another variation of the enclosure. Although, it’s not as big and the fences aren’t as high. This is a great way to keep your plants and crops protected without having to build something too big.

This one is better suited to keep pests away as opposed to bigger animals, which can make their way onto your garden.

Nevertheless, it works well saving your plants from the destruction that pests can do.


Spiral Raised Herb Bed

Spiral Raised Herb BedThis is an amazing way to add a centerpiece to your garden. The spiral design makes it very distinct. Yet, it serves is purpose allowing you to grow whatever plants you want in it.

This will take a bit of work on your end since you need to design the spiral case. But, it’s definitely an attention grabber that will make your neighbors take pictures of.


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