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Peperomia Plants

Peperomia is one of the largest genus in the Piperaceae family. It consists of over 1,500 species that have been recorded.

The plant is also called the Radiator Plant among other names.

Majority of Peperomia are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South Amercia.

Although not all, most Peperomia are small, compact perennial epiphytes. This means that instead of growing in soil, they’re often found climbing or clinging onto wood and trunks of trees in the forests.

Their small size makes them a favorite amount houseplant owners because you can keep many of them on a tabletop or shelf.

Additionally, they have very varying and beautiful looks.

While they do flower, their blooms are almost never the focus of growers. Instead, their foliage is their main attraction.

Peperomia Varieties

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