12 Creative DIY Pallet Gardening Ideas

Pallet Gardening Ideas

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If you have a few pallets lying around from old deliveries, here are some amazing pallet gardening ideas you can do with them. This way, they don’t just take up space in your backyard or shed. And, you get to use them to beautify your garden.

The best part about pallet gardening is that you’re able to express your creativity. They let you use them in so many ways with so many plants, you’ll never run out of things to try.


Pots on a Pallet

Pots on a PalletUsing a pallet is a great way to hang pots without taking up a lot of space in your garden. By standing the pallet vertically, you’re able to keep the pots suspended so that it gives your garden a different look.

This lets you use space above the ground which adds a different look to your garden. Doing it this way is also a good option if you don’t have a lot of free space in your yard.


Mini Vertical Garden

Instead of growing the plants in pots, why not just let them grow into the pallet. This is a great idea for plants with a lot of leaves. The holes in the pallets give them space to grow through. And, you’re able to design the pallet and arrange the plants whichever way you want.


Pallet Herb Garden

Pallet Herb GardenAn edible garden is always a great way to go. Not only do to save on money, you’re able to grow the plants you want to enjoy in your cooking and meals.

Herb gardens are amazing because they’re very healthy and add a ton of flavor to dishes. They’re perfect for a pallet because there’s enough space to line up a few different herbs. And, because herbs don’t need a lot of space to grow, the slim side of the pallet is more than enough space to grow them in.


Floral Flower Stand

If you want to add a lot of color to your garden, why not go with this this idea. Pallets work well to hold flowers that don’t need a lot of space to grow.

You can line them up and in any way you want. And, arrange the flowers so that their colors shine through. Don’t forget to paint the pallet as well. This will let them serve as a contrasting background which will let everyone see the colors of the flowers even better.


Simple Pallet Planter

Simple Pallet PlanterSimple yet elegant. This is a wonderful way of organizing different plants by color. The pallet serves as blank canvas where you can design how your garden looks.

In this idea, the pallet is painting in clear white which makes all the plants and flowers’ colors pop. This makes it incredibly eye catching because they’re able to come right out.


Vertical Pallet Garden

If you have 4 or more pallets, why not create your own vertical pallet garden. Lining them up into a box gives you more space to grow different plants since you have the entire space between the square area to your disposal.

This is a great way to grow a tower to plants that are tall. It’s not something that you can always do with other gardening ideas because it’s not always easy to have such a stable structure.


Free Standing Vertical Pallet Garden

Free Standing Vertical Pallet GardenPallets are wonderful for your garden because they can stand on their own. Not only are they able to hold a lot of plants they also work as a decorative feature without the need of other furniture around them.

So, if you have blank spaces in your deck, patio or yard, this is a good idea to beautify the space.


Slim Wall Garden

Slim Wall GardenThis is a great way to make a small divider that doubles as a wall garden. The pallet is perfect for splitting up two different sections. At the same time, it lets you decorate the divider with plants to make it look even better.

The combination of the old wood and plants are perfect because they match very well.


Indoor Pallet Garden

Pallets are often used outdoors because of their size and design. They’re well suited for outside use thanks to their woody exterior.

But, if you have the right interior environment, you can bring them inside to make an entire pallet garden of different shapes and sizes.

This is super creative as you’re able to use many pallets to construct your own garden.


DIY Herb Garden

DIY Herb GardenThis is another interpretation of a pallet garden idea. But, instead of letting the pallet stand up straight, why not let it lean at a diagonal. This adds some texture and character to your garden because it uses different dimensions that other items in your yard don’t.

Of course, it’s always a great idea to clean, prep and paint the pallet to a color that complements your garden. This lets it go with flow of your garden’s look without conflicting with it.


Labeled Herb Garden

Labeled Herb GardenThis is a lovely idea that makes your kitchen or garden look like it comes from a cozy restaurant. The labels give this herb garden a distinct look.

Besides being useful, the labels’ contrasting colors and background accentuate the colors of the pallet and greens of the herbs. This makes them lovely to look at and very practical at the same time.


Trough Pallet Planter

Trough Pallet PlanterIf you want to make a raised garden that’s enough to grow plants that need deep roots to grow, this is a great idea to go with. The pallets let you design a trough of your choosing.

The idea has a slim rectangle design. But, you can always adjust yours to suit your needs. This DIY pallet garden does require a bit of work on your part since you need to split up then put back together the different pieces of the pallet.


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