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Monstera Plants

The Monstera is a genus of flowering plants that belong to the Araceae family. It is best known for its most popular species the Monstera deliciosa.

The gnus is made up of only 49 species. However, many of the plants are very popular among growers and collectors.

That’s because of their unique split leaves or fenestrations.

Note that many Monstera varieties are rare and hard to find. As such, they are not only hard to find but also come with expensive price tags.

Many are priced in the hundreds of dollars per plant while some run into the thousands.

Monsteras are native to Central and South America.

They are mostly evergreen vines and hemiepiphytes. That’s because they plant roots in the soil but also climb up trees.

 that are well-known for developing long woody aerial roots. Most of the species in the genus will grow to 65 feet or even larger.

Monstera Varieties


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