21 Stunning DIY Mason Jar Lights Ideas With Tutorials

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

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Mason jars are awesome!

I think you already know that.

But, I’m just repeating it just in case.

In this article, you’ll see how you can use these wonderful jars to make amazing lights.

Hanging lights, table lights and even chandeliers.

Go ahead and try making them yourself.

Mason Jar Candle Chandeliers

Mason Jar Lighting Ideas

This is an amazing DIY project you can do at home that will blow your guests’ socks off.

If you’re curious how you can make them yourself, just follow the tutorial.

At the bottom, you’ll see how he created a TON of these jars…

And, lit up an entire banquet hall. Crazy!

But, it just shows you the wonderful ways you can use them.

Glow in the Dark Jar

diy Mason Jar Lighting Ideas

Here’s something that the kids, and your friends won’t stop talking about.

This is another cool one.

And I’m fairly sure they’ll ask you how you pulled them off.

Good thing that the idea comes with a tutorial so you can actually make them yourself as well.

Mason Jar Firefly Lanterns

Mason Jar Ideas

If you’ve seen my outdoor string lights ideas, you already know how much I love them.

And, here’s another way to use them.

These “firefly” lanterns make use of string lights to provide the lovely effect.

So simple, right?

DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar Light Ideas

One of the things I love about mason jars is their versatility.

Even when they’re used as lights, they exude it.

You can make them to look more whimsy, formal or rustic.

In this case, they provide a more homey, less formal feel. But, nevertheless, they’re still amazing to look at.

Colored Mason Jar Night Lights

DIY Mason Jar Light Ideas

This is another cool DIY project.

And, as exquisite as they look, they’re actually quite simple to create.

The secret: getting the right types of paints.

That lets you color them to make the glass look frosty. And, you can add tiny glitters and other designs as well.

These are perfect for both indoors and outdoor use.

Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries

Mason Jar Light Projects

Here’s one you can save up for Halloween.

These mummy mason jar luminaries are cute and fun. Plus, they look wonderful!

This makes them perfect if you need a few extra Halloween decoration ideas.

DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light

DIY Mason Jar Vanity Light

This is one of the fancier home projects you can take on with mason jars.

But, when you’re done, it’ll all be worth it.

You can set these lights up over the vanity or anywhere else. They’re perfect for hallways as well as just outside your front door.

It’s really up to you on how you want to use them.

And that will also probably determine what kind of lighting fixture you get.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

This is another seasonal DIY project.

This time, it’s for the autumn.

They make use of leaves from trees to create the special effects.

Don’t be afraid to use different colors. Because they’re more or less of the same shade, the leaves will blend in together, even if they aren’t identical in color.

The color blends also make certain areas pop more than others.

$10 Mason Jar Chandelier

10 Mason Jar Chandelier

Super affordable and amazingly easy to make.

You’ll be able to create this hanging light set for $10.

And, they’ll look great indoors or outside.

I really like that this comes with a full tutorial that shows you exactly what to do from start to finish. So, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to connect the chains or anything else.

Techno-Tiki RGB LED Torch

Techno-Tiki RGB LED Torch

If you love different colors, you’ll really enjoy this creative creation.

When you’re done, the mason jars will come in all sorts of colors. Your choice, of course.

And, you’ll mount them as tiki torches.

You can likewise swap out the torches and set them up like lamps so they’re very versatile.

DIY Mason Jar Night Light

DIY Mason Jar Night Light

You’ll be using smaller mason jars here.

You can, of course, use the regular sized ones. But I’ve found that these cuter versions work amazing.

All you need are the right tools and you’ll be able to set things up fairly quickly.

A lot of the really comes in when decorating the jar. So, do take your time there.

After all, that’s what will produce the effects in the end.

DIY Constellation Jar

DIY Constellation Jar

This one’s perfect for the kids’ room. It’s perfect as a night light.

You can likewise use it outdoor when entertaining because of it’s wonderful effects.

I’m quite sure that people will ask about it.

And, they’ll likely be surprised that you made it yourself.

The Hive Mason Jar Pendant Lamp

The Hive Mason Jar Pendant Lamp

Hang them or set them down on a table.

Either way, they look incredible!

But in different ways.

Hanging them up lets you showcase the lamp itself.

And, when you set them down, you’ll see something magical, as the reflection of the lights shine against the table.

Bunched Mason Jar Lights

Bunched Mason Jar Lights

You’ve already seen a few designs where the mason jars were hung side by side.

Here’s one where they’re bunched up together.

Funny how such a small difference of how you hang them makes such a huge change.

The way they’re arranged also attracts your eyes in different ways.

Here, it’s all about focusing on the lights inside the jars.

When they’re separate, you’ll focus more on the jars. Weird, right?

Colorful Mason Jar Table Lamp

Colorful Mason Jar Table Lamp

Most of the ideas in our list use hanging mason jars in some way or form.

While that’s a popular way to present them, it’s not the only way.

This one shows them standing up.

So, you can position them on table tops and let the lights shine upwards instead.

Coloring the jars lets you add a little more flair to them as well.

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns 

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

These are some of the fun ways to use mason jars for Halloween.

The best part about them is that you’ll be able to design lots of different ones.

Whether it’s a witch flying on her broom or a face of pumpkin, it’s all up to you.

The scary background color also adds to the mood.

DIY  Mason Jar Drop Lights

DIY Mason Jar Drop Lights

This is a DIY take on one of the lights featured above.

The best thing about them is that they’re really simple to make.

In fact, you’ll be done in four steps.

The trick is to be safe when you’re drilling the holes. Once you’ve gotten past that, the rest are fairly straightforward.

Mason Jar Lantern Garland

Mason Jar Lantern Garland

You’ve probably seen something similar above.

But, this one comes with a few minor changes.

What’s great is that the small changes make the entire light setup very different.

For one, you’ll be hanging the lights like a pail with an inverted U.

Also, the lights in each jar aren’t singles, but many. So, you get a completely different effect.

DIY Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

DIY Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

If you want to add a few other effects inside your lights so they look different, here’s a cool way to do it.

In this case, it’s all about the glass pebbles.

You can likewise use marbles that will reflect the light as well.

It’s the reflection that makes the light come out differently through the jar.

Mason Jar Candle Lights

Mason Jar Candle Lights

Get a hanger, and a few mason jars and you’re just about ready to go.

The biggest difference with this DIY project is that you’ll be using jars of different shapes and sizes.

Often, people like using uniform sizes to make everything line up properly.

But, removing that uniformity adds a little fun and whimsy.

It also changes the mood that the lights convey.

Christmas Township Candle Jar

Christmas Township Candle Jar

This is another take on the Halloween mason jar idea above.

Notice how much of a difference the color of the jar and the design can make.

From the scarier Halloween design, this one’s jolly and light that’s perfect for Christmas.

So the takeaway here is, switch things up depending on the season or holiday.


Mason jars are one of the most versatile things around.

You can use them to store things. Or, create all sorts of DIY crafts with them.

The ideas above show you how they can light up your home inside and out.

And, make it look more beautiful along the way too.

What’s your favorite way of using mason jars? Let me know below.


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