21 Beautiful Indoor Succulent Ideas That Are Easy to Grow

Succulents in a Bunch

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Don’t have time to tend to your plants?

Try these amazing indoor succulent garden ideas.

They’re the perfect way to grow lovely looking plants in your home without taking up a lot of space.

And, they’re low maintenance as well.

So, you don’t have to worry about having to keep checking on them.

Best of all, you can use them to decorate any room!

Succulent Chandelier

Indoor Succulent Ideas

Here’s a chandelier that’s made out of mini succulent terrariums.

Altogether, they’re nothing short of amazing.

You’ve got the wonderful shaped terrariums and in them the different succulents.

This is perfect if you want to impress your guests.

Tabletop Succulents

Indoor Succulent Projects

From above, we go down onto the tabletop.

These are perfect for displaying on top of your living room or kitchen tables.

They’re small and elegant looking.

Plus, you can rearrange them any way you want to switch things up every now and then.

Cute Container Succulents by the Window

Succulent Projects & Ideas

If you’ve got a row of glass windows, you can line up an assortment of succulents with them.

This looks amazing because no two containers and succulents are the same.

So, your eyes will want to keep going to see the rest.

This makes people take notice of your windows. And, the wonderful view you have.

Succulents in a Glass Container

Succulents in a Glass Container

Have a round glass container lying around?

You can use it as a substitute for a shallow vase.

This lets you see everything that’s happening.

On top you have the succulents.

At the bottom, you have the soil and rocks, which look like a chocolate cake too.

Succulents in a Bunch

Succulents in a Bunch

Succulents on their own look good.

But together, they’re magnificent.

Of course, there are a million ways you can arrange them.

But, if you have a few of them at home, lining them up altogether makes them look all the more impressive.

Vertical Garden Wall

Vertical Garden Wall

This is an awesome DIY vertical wall project you can create if you have spare space at home.

Not only does it fill out the wall, it also livens up the entire room.

I love how the pockets are perfect for holding the succulents.

They give you enough space to let each and every succulent shine on its own.

Succulent Terrarium

Succulent Terrarium

Succulents are perfect for terrariums because of their size.

They’re also able to survive certain environments much better than your regular houseplant.

That said, the best thing about this idea is that you get to choose the size and shape of your terrarium.

And, also how you arrange the succulents inside it.

Succulents in Shot Glasses

Succulents in Shot Glasses

This just goes to show you how you can grow your own succulents in just about any glass container.

So, you’re free to pick the shape and design of the glass.

In doing so you get to decide their look and feel depending on where you place them.

Give this lovely DIY tutorial a read for more.

Hanging Glass Bowls

Hanging Glass Bowls

This is another way to hanging up your succulents to use them as decor.

Because of their size, you’ll be able to use clothes hooks from the store to hang them up.

As simple as that sounds, the look amazing.

The combination of the succulents and glass bowls instantly make your walls come alive.

Succulent Tea Cup Garden

Succulent Tea Cup Garden

Besides glass containers, you can likewise use ceramic ones.

This is perfect if you have old cookware that you don’t use anymore.

The DIY tutorial shows you each of the steps from start to finish.

And, it also gives you the list of materials you’ll need.

Birdcage Succulents


Here’s another option, bird cages.

Birdcages are perfect for plants because you can see through them.

This allows you to watch your plants grow.

And, the cage itself acts as an  adornment.

Succulent Greenhouse

Succulent Greenhouse

Here’s a simple decor for your succulents.

The greenhouse makes a perfect home of these plants indoors.

And, you don’t need to do a lot of work to keep them alive.

Decorative Log Planter

Succulent Greenhouse

If you want something that’s more rustic. Or, will make your home feel more cozy…

Here’s a great idea!

This log planter is a DIY project.

You’ll be using natural wood and carving in a bit to make space to plant your succulents.

Hanging Frame

Hanging Frame Succulents

Don’t have a lot of free space?

Try this hanging planter.

I love that you create the frame yourself.

This means you can make this from scratch just to “learn the ropes”.

Once you get the hang of it, you can create more hanging vertical planters of any shape or size you want.

Pail Container Succulents

Pail Container Succulents

Here’s a great way to make use of old pails that you don’t use anymore.

You don’t even need to use pails.

You can use any kind of old container that’s looks unique.

And, if you have the time, spruce it up a little by painting it to make it somewhat new again.

The best thing about this is you can mix and match pails and containers.

You don’t need them to look the same or be uniform in any way at all to look amazing.

Cupcake Ramekins

Cupcake Ramekins

Cupcake ramekins are perfect for succulents because of their size.

This lets you use many of them to create a succulent garden on your table top.

You can also fit them in a tray or larger container.

That’s because they look more beautiful as altogether.

Light Bulb Terrarium

Light Bulb Terrarium

This is a super cool way to reuse old light bulbs.

After they’ve burned out, you can open them up and insert some rocks and your succulents to hang them up as mini terrariums.

You gotta admit, they’re amazing to look at, right?

4 Candle Centerpiece Planter

4 Candle Centerpiece Planter

If it’s something for the table you want, why not this one?

It’s a candle centerpiece that doubles as a succulent planter as well.

This is a lovely way to add some character to any table, be it for your dining or living room.

Succulent Bird House

Succulent Bird House

Here’s a lovely DIY project you can do in an afternoon or two.

And, you can ask your little ones to join in and help to double the fun.

Just follow the complete tutorial in the page.

It comes with a video demonstration as well so if you prefer watching to reading, you can do so as well.



You don’t need it to be Christmas time to create a beautiful wreath.

In fact, you can use this stunning succulent wreath all year round.

Like the precious idea, this one comes with a very thorough tutorial.

So, you can pick up the materials you need and enjoy the next few hours making one.

Colorful Mini Flower Pots

Colorful Mini Flower Pots

This is one of my favorites because you can enjoy doing it with the kids.

It’s very simple so it won’t overwhelm them no matter how old they are.

And, they’ll be able to paint the pots to create whatever design they want.

I can’t really think of any better way to enjoy an afternoon that that!


Succulents are unique because of their size and low maintenance.

This makes them perfect for indoor gardens, especially if you don’t have a lot of free space.

The ideas above are just some amazing ways you can decorate your home using succulents.

What’s your favorite one?


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