11 Amazing DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

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Love herbs? Why not grow them yourself? Instead of having to go buy them at the market, you can try these amazing indoor herb garden ideas at home.

Herb gardens are wonderful because you can use them for adding flavor to food. The best part is, they’re easy to grow and they don’t take up a lot of space like some plants can.

If you’re not sure where to start or how to create your own indoor herb garden, here are some awesome ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Most of them are do it yourself. So, there’s no reason you can’t replicate them at home.


Table Top Herb Garden

Table Top Herb GardenThis tabletop herb garden is very simple and straightforward. Yet, it is lovely to look at and very easy to make. Its size lets you conveniently move it to anywhere in your home depending on the season and how you want your décor to be.

All you need are unused mason jars and a container to hold them in. You can decorate the container whichever way you want to match your home’s design.


Sunken Counter Garden

Sunken Counter GardenHere’s another wonderful idea. It’s super creative. And, there probably aren’t many people who can say they have something like this in their home.

The sunken counter look gives your garden a distinct appearance. And, it doesn’t get in the way of the surface of the table. This lets you look across the table without having something blocking your view.

Should you want to pick some herbs as ingredients, it’s always very easy to do so.


DIY Clothespin Herb Planters

DIY Clothespin Herb PlantersThis is a super creative planter that makes use of your clothespin. Who would’ve guessed that lining them up together to border plants makes such a good match.

If you like doing DIY, this is an amazing side project you can enjoy in one afternoon. Not only do you get to decorate your home, you can spend time with your kids setting it up.


Upside Down Hanging Plants

Upside Down Hanging PlantsWe’re all used to seeing plants right side up. But, they’re just as lovely upside down. Hanging them this way makes them easy to pick for use, especially in the kitchen.

And, you’ll be able to use them to decorate any area not just from the ground or table top but also from above.


DIY Hanging Herb Garden

DIY Hanging Herb GardenHere’s another option to the upside down plants in case you’re looking for a more colorful, playful look. This is perfect if you want your home to have a cozier look. It will help make the environment more welcoming to guests.

What’s cool about hanging the plants this way is that people will notice the pots as well. This gives you a canvas to create something that you love with the use of colors or designs.


Bookshelf Herb Garden

Bookshelf Herb GardenWant a green wall but don’t have any way to hang the plants? Why not use an old bookshelf. Bookshelves are a great way to keep your wall in tact while decorating naturally.

We love living walls because you get change the plants as the seasons go. This gives you home a different look whenever your please. That’s not something you can do with painted walls or wallpaper.


Repurposed Gutter for Herbs

Repurposed Gutter for HerbsIf you have some old, unused gutters that are lying around, why not repurpose them. Gutters are a great for plants because their shape makes them ideal of holding soil and water.

All you need to do is clean out the gutter and cut it into a shape that fits you wall. You’ll get to choose how big, long and wide the gutter is.

Don’t forget to color it to something that matches your homes’ interior. This will make it fit right in.


DIY Garden by the Window Sill

DIY Garden by the Window SillPlacing plants by the window is something that always works. It helps decorate the space and gives plants as much sunlight as they need.

If you’ve always been wondering how you can do this, try this DIY windowsill garden. Making use of small pails as pots, you can hang the herbs on the window to liven them up.


Teacups by the Window

Teacups by the WindowAnother way to decorate the spaces near the window is to use tea cups. Old or new tea cups both work. Their shape is much like a mini pot. This makes them perfect for small plants like herbs.

Tea cups are great for holding this in. This makes they ideal for keeping potting soil for your herbs.


DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Apartment Mason Jar GardenIf you like being able to see how the roots and soil look from the outside, why not use mason jars. Since they’re made from glass, you can see the interior which gives your herb garden a different look.

Being able to see the greens on top and the brown within the jar gives excellent contrasting colors that make it more beautiful to look at.


Herbs in a Pot

Herbs in a PotIf you don’t have a lot of space on countertops or window sills, why not grow an entire herb garden in a pot. Instead of having to separate the garden into small plots of each species, plant them all together.

Depending on how many herbs you want to grow, you’ll be able to decide on how big a pot to get.


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