How to Use Tea Bags in the Garden

How to Use Tea Bags in the Garden

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What do you do with your used tea bags? If you’re like most people, you throw them away. While that’s a good thing to do because it promoted cleanliness it also increases the amount of junk that goes to the dump.

So, here’s a better idea if you have a lawn or yard. Use them there.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use tea bags in the garden to help grass, plants and flowers grow.

Not many people know that your average tea bag, just like coffee grounds and eggshells are actually very beneficial for your lawn and garden.

Here’s how to use used tea bags instead of throwing them in the trash.

6 Ways to Use Tea Bags in Your Garden

1. Tea bags work great as fertilizer

How to Use Tea Bags in the GardenOne of the most useful ways tea bags help with your garden is as fertilizer. The contents in the bag contain nutrients, including nitrogen which helps plants grow.

Plus, it is a natural product with no additives. So, you’ll be able to reduce waste while helping your grden grow.

This works well for different types of tea including black, green and herbal teas. So, you can use it to help keep your lawn and garden looking good.


2. They can help repair bald spots in your lawn

Why Your Lawn Has Bald SpotsTea bags can also help fix bald patches in your lawn. These brown spots in an otherwise lush, green lawn makes your yard look ugly.

While there are many possible causes to this, including insects, dry weather and other factors, you can use tea bags to help fix this situation.

Simply placing a wet tea bag on the bald spot in your lawn and sow it with seeds will help the grass grow back. The moisture and nutrients provided by the bag helps improve the condition of that section.


3. They speed up composting

compostCompost is closely related to fertilizer, at least in terms of helping plants grow. What makes the two different is that fertilizer is made up of compounds especially designed to help plants grow. In a sense, it’s like plant food that they consume to get their nourishment.

On the other hand, compost usually comes from unwanted or waste products. Plants don’t feed on compost. Instead when added to soil, compost helps make the surrounding environment good for plant growth.

Think of compost like probiotics in your stomach whereas fertilizer is food you eat. Food is what nourishes you, whereas the probiotics promote a healthy gut to help improve digestion, so you absorb the food better.

Tea bags do both. They contain nitrogen which helps plant grow and attract good bacteria that makes the environment one that’s good for plants to grow it.


4. They prevent weeds from destroying your plants.

weeds in gardenWeeds often grow where plants grow. This makes your garden susceptible to weed infestation. While not all weeds are harmful, most will prevent your plants from growing optimally. In many cases, it will also destroy your crop.

The reason why weeds are a gardener’s enemy is that they compete with your plants for nutrients. So, while you may be providing your garden with fertilizer, water and other nutrients, your plants don’t really absorb them.

That’s because weeds grow faster than plants, they’re also able to get more nutrients which leaves your plants with less than what they need to grow.

For this reason, tea bags can help. Placing used tea bags in your garden not only helps add nutrients for your plants, they also reduce weed growth.

They’re non-toxic and biodegradable which makes them environmentally safe. Plus, you don’t spend any extra money.


5. Keep pests and animals away from your lawn

pesticideWhether it’s the neighborhood dogs pooping on your lawn or cats messing up your flower bed, adding used tea bags is a great way to keep pets and other animals away. Tea, like coffee, has a strong aroma that animals don’t like.

Besides cats and dogs, they also keep bugs away from your garden. The latter helps keep bugs and other pests from infesting your veggies or crops.


6. They improve moisture

Used tea bags are wet. And, they hold a good amount of liquid. This moisture helps keep the roots of your vegetables, herbs and flowers healthy. Plus, they work like sponges in soaking up and retain fluids which allows them to help nourish the roots under the ground.


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