14 Inventive Houseplant Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

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Looking for houseplant décor ideas that will make visitors say “Wow!”?

Below, we’ve got some simple, cheap yet awesome ways to display house plants in different areas of your home.

And, it does not matter whether you have a big or small house, we’ve got you covered with the variety of ideas.

Here they are.


Houseplant Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home

Triangle Frame Planter Stand

Triangle Frame Planter Stand

This A-frame planter stand is beautiful to look at and it takes up very little space because it uses different sized shelves to hold the plants.

On top, you can hang plants or baskets as well.

I love the way this looks and that it has a simple, lightweight design. This makes it easy to move it from one place to another as you decide where it fits best.


Low A-Frame Plant Stand

Low A-Frame Plant Stand

Like the one above, this is another triangle shape planter stand, But this time, it is much shorter and wider.

It also gives you more space to place different plants in. But, its shorter height does not allow you to hang things from the upper bar.

As with the A-frame plant stand above, you can DIY this yourself if you have some metal welding experience.




Window Plant Shelves

Window Plant Shelves

Windows are a great place to keep plants because they often need some kind of light.

And, depending on where your window is facing, you can choose the right kinds of plants for the amount of sun exposure that window receives.

Another thing I like about windows is there are many ways to display plants.

One is by creating different shelves for them. In this case,  the sha shelves are made from glass. This allows more light to pass through.

In contrast, wooden or metal shelves will make the window darker as they block some of the light.


Behind the Sofa

Behind the Sofa

Sofas as a great addition to any home living room. They’re comfortable to sit on and they allow you to entertain guests.

A great way to liven the space above your sofa is to grow some lovely plants. This helps spruce up the area by adding a touch of nature.


Overhead Bedroom Shelf

Overhead Bedroom Shelf

Here’s a lovely shelf where you can place different kinds of potted plants.

It is a great way to add a touch of nature to your bedroom or any room for that matter. You can easily add this in the bathroom or guest room as well.

All it takes it some carpentry skill to create a wooden stand with support that can be stuck on the wall.


Indoor Jungle Paradise

Indoor Jungle Paradise

If you want to add more that just a bit of nature to your home, this is a wonderful idea.

What’s great is that you don’t nee a lot of space to do it. Instead, it has more to do with how you organize the plants.

If you have a smaller space, try to use smaller plants that have large foliage. If you have a larger ares, they you’ll be able to use bigger ones that stan up to 4 feet tall or above.


Basket Tree Planter

Basket Tree Planter

Woven baskets add a wonderful home look to any home. Here it is used to grow a tree.

This gives a modern home a more contemporary look. And, it makes the living room more welcoming as well.


Mini Planters Stand

Mini Planters Stand

Small planters are among the easiest to display because they take up very little space and you can arrange them is almost any way you want that fits your that area of your home the best.

This lovely multi-level plant stand gives you a nice design where you display the plants in different ways.


Top to Bottom Window Plants

Top to Bottom Window Plants

Here’s a great way to create a indoor plant wall without actually making the plants part of the wall itself.

The biggest advantage of doing this is you can swap out any plant as you wish. And, you can rearrange them depending on what you feel like that month.


Container Plants by the Window

Container Plants by the Window

Besides creating shelves that cover the window, other way of decorating a window with plants is to use the space around it.

In this case, the windowsill and area above are both used. So, is the floor space under the window.


Back to Back Plant Stand

Back to Back Plant Stand

This is a among the simplest in our list of houseplant décor ideas.

But, what makes it unique is that it features small shelves on both sides of the stand. This makes it unique. It also makes you notice it.


Cacti Corner

Cactus are great indoor plants because they are small and come in varying sizes and shapes. Plus, they’re very low maintenance.

This makes them perfect if you have a busy schedule or are just starting out with taking care of plants.


Overhead Hanging Bathroom Plants

This houseplant décor idea is a variation of the overhead shelves above. But this time, it is hanging from the ceiling instead of being pinned to the wall.

It also uses a latter design that’s laid out horizontally which allows you to hang more plants from above.

This is probably among the most ingenious house plant décor ideas I’ve seen.

And, because they’re hanging from above, you can vary how far they drop in order to  give the look more character.


Space Saving Shelves

Shelves are an amazing way to increase the space you have at home. Plus, they add a vertical decoration element as well.

In this case, you have 4 wooden shelves that hold a variety of small potted plants. The space below also allows you to grow a few bigger plants as well.



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