Gardening for Beginners Charts, Guides & Resources

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This is a collection of the gardening for beginners charts, guides and resources on the site. You’ll find different topics covering the basics of gardening.

Please feel free to use the charts in your sites for references.

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You can use the table of contents to navigate up and down to any of the references or charts you may find interesting


Gardening for Beginners Charts, Guides & Resources


Chart that Lists USDA Hardiness Zones

chart of USDA Hardiness Zone Temperatures Fahrenheit & Celsius
chart of USDA Hardiness Zone Temperatures Fahrenheit & Celsius


Chart that Lists USDA Textural Classifications of Soil

Chart of different types of soil - USDA textural classification of soil


Chart that Lists What to Plant in Different Parts of the Garden

Chart of plants and what to plant where in your garden (in sunny areas, shade areas, moist & wet areas, dry areas, acidic or alkaline soils, windy areas)


Chart that Lists Common Pests and Insects for Outdoor Plants

Chart of the common pests and insects for plants in the garden


Chart that Lists Common Plant Diseases

Chart of common plant diseases and their causes


Chart that Lists Different Types of Pesticides

Chart of the different types of pesticides you can use for organic gardening



Lawn Care Charts


Chart that Lists Common Sprinkler Problems and Solutions

Chart of common sprinkler problems and solutions


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