12 Unique Garden Hose Holder Ideas

Garden Hose Holder Ideas

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Garden hose holder ideas are very helpful in the garden because it lets you neatly put the long, snaking device away.

Rubber hoses can be hazards if left lying around because anyone can trip over them. As such, these reels and holders solve that problem.

More importantly, you don’t have to settle for anything unsightly.

Below are some surprisingly beautiful ways to store garden hoses you can try in your yard or garden.


Unique Garden Hose Holder Ideas

Garden Hose Post Holder

Garden Hose Post Holder

This is a simple and very practical way to store your hose. It saves space and makes the hose very accessible since you can just take it from the hook and attach it to the spigot.

This saves you the time of going to the shed or just leaving it on the ground unkept where it can be a tripping hazard.


Decorative Wooden Post Hose Storage

Decorative Wooden Post Hose Storage

While the previous garden hose holder idea works very well, you can still spruce up its looks by using wood instead of a just painting over it. And, to add a little more color, why not hand a couple of flower baskets from above as well.

This will not only make the post something useful but turn it into a décor piece as well.


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Industrial Grade Garden Hose Holer Reel

Industrial Grade Garden Hose Holder Reel

In case you prefer something strong and durable, this industrial grade garden hose hold is something worth considering.

The design of the hose reel is lovely. And, it makes extending and retracting it much easier as well.

Plus, the sturdy steel construction means you won’t need to worry about having to replace or repair it for many years to come.


DIY Garden Hose Reel Extension

DIY Garden Hose Reel Extension

This is a wooden version of the metal hose reel above. And, it comes with a little modification as well.

In terms of appearance you still have the steel reel. But, it comes with a wooden post instead of being installed against the wall.

This is a great option if your home is a rental. That way, you don’t drill any holes into the walls of the house.

This particular reel is also designed if the spigots have been placed by the contractor of the home far away from the yard or garden. The bottom spouts allow you to attach hose extensions that connect to wherever the original spigots are.


Garden Hose Planter Caddy

Garden Hose Planter Caddy

This is one of the pretties garden hose holder ideas I’ve ever seen. It uses a similar garden hose reel concept but hiding the entire apparatus from sight.

Thus, all you can see is the handle and a crank.

  • To extend, pull the hose out and use as you normally would.
  • To retract, turn the crank to slowly bring in and curl the hose back into the reel.


DIY Garden Hose Reel

DIY Garden Hose Reel

This is another version of the garden hose reel stand. It uses a similar design as well.

But, you have something that’s wider and shorter since there are not hose extension accessories below.


Repurposed Tire Rim Garden Hose Holder

Repurposed Tire Rim Garden Hose Holder

If you happen to have an old tire rim lying around somewhere is storage or your garage, you can use that instead.

This lovely hose holder attached the rim to the wall. Its round shape lends itself perfectly for the hose to curl around it.

Make sure the paint the rim as well so it blends well with the look of your home, yard or garden.


Mobile Garden Hose Reel Cart

Mobile Garden Hose Reel Cart

One of my all time favorite garden hose holder ideas is this mobile reel cart. This lets you ush the hose around so you don’t have to carry or drag it with you.

It is perfect if you have a large yard with a few different water sources.

The cart’s wheels make it easy to push from one location to another. Meanwhile the reel makes extending and retracting the hose convenient as well.

It also comes with a small basket for you to leave your phone or other items while doing your gardening.


Garden Hose Storage Table

Garden Hose Storage Table

Want something that works both as a decorative piece as well as a garden hose holder?

Check out this mini table.

This is a beautiful metal piece that works as a table where you can place your coffee or some plants on. It is amazing to look at and lets you store your hose inside while hiding it from plain sight as well.

Of course, you can use the table to store other items instead of your hose as well.


DIY Wall Antlers Garden Hose Holder

DIY Wall Antlers Garden Hose Holder

Of all the items in our garden hose holder ideas list, this is the simplest to make. In fact, you can DIY this in less than a day.

All you need is some kind of hook attachment, in this case plastic antlers. But, it can be anything else.

You do want something that will match your home or the wall. And, the better it fits, the better it will look.

From there, all you need to di is hand a neatly curled hose in the hanger.

The extra hooks also let you hang other items as well.


Emergency Fire Hose Style Dispenser

Emergency Fire Hose Style Dispenser

This garden hose holder idea reminds me something you’d see in on older movies where there are emergencies involved.

The hose is nicely tucked into a reel that’s conveniently located opposite of the water spigot.

I love the metal construction and paint which makes it amazing to look at.



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