21 Inspiring Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Open Lawn with Flowers and Bushes

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Looking for front yard landscaping ideas to inspire you?

Here are some gorgeous designs that will help you with your own home.

Check them all out and see which ones you like.

But, beware of the temptation of trying to use little bits and pieces of different designs together.

From experience, getting the best of different things and combining them into one design almost never works.

Instead, look for one you really like, personalize it and match it with what you already have.

Floral Border

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Floral borders are great to have because they’re very beautiful to look at.

Plus, you get to decide what kind of flowers you want to have there.

The thing is, they’re not only eye-appealing.

But, also provide a function…

In this case, it’s to separate the pavement from the grass. This eliminates the need for you to figure out how to make that transition in your front yard look pretty.

The flowers instantly do that for you.

Walking Path

Front Yard Landscaping designs

If you have a ways up from the street or your gate to your front door, a walking path is a great idea.

Concrete, stone or wooden paths allow you to add an extra feature to your front yard.

They also break up the patter of all grass or soil.

In this case, green plants line up the sides of the pathway.

You can likewise use floral arrangements to do that depending on what look you’re going for.

Colorful Floral Field

diy Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

This one requires a little bit more planning ahead of time.

And, you’ll need more maintenance as well.

But, the end result is nothing short of amazing.

Here, both the colors, shapes and diversity of the flowers and bushes make all the difference in the world.

The variation in plant life, when put together, makes the entire yard look stunning.

Flowers Under a Tree

Front Yard Landscaping plans

Many people don’t like having trees in the middle of their yards.

That’s because it gets in the way of landscaping or your flower beds.

But sometimes, they just come with your dream home.

That said, good sized trees in the middle of yards and gardens make for excellent centerpieces.

As is the case here.

You can adorn it with colorful flowers to add life to the trunk and bark section which often is just all brown.

Mini Flower Bed

Front Yard Landscaping projects

At times, you may want your front lawn to take up a large part of your home’s facade.

After all, a lush, grassy lawn is lovely to look at.

If that’s the case, you can make a mini flower bed to the side of the house.

This adds color and lets you grow a some flowers as well.

Water Fountain Centerpiece

Water Fountain Centerpiece

Everybody enjoys seeing fountains.

That’s why you’ll see a few of them adorn some of the best know hotels in Las Vegas.

For your home, you can likewise add a water feature in your front yard.

This can easily become a centerpiece that everything else surrounds.

Hostas and Hydrangeas

Hostas and Hydrangeas

This is a lovely combination that works well as a border in front of your yard.

Or, in a flower bed right around your home, which is what’s seen here.

The hydrangeas offer the bloom while the hostas bring the foliage that make the combination work.

Succulent in Rock Containers

Succulent in Rock Containers

Here’s one amazing design that works really well if you don’t want to use grass.

The rock and stone landscape sets the foundation for your succulent garden.

But, what makes it shine are the rock containers and the colorful succulents in them.

This combination gives your front yard an unique look.

Floral Row

Floral Row

Another way of using flowers and shrubs is for privacy.

In this case, it covers the front on the home.

It’s an entire row of high growing plants that’s enough to partially cover the front of the home.

This allows visitors to walk into the path behind the flowers to reach the front door.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging Flowers

Placing colorful flowers in hanging containers is another way of designing your home’s front.

In this case the pink and violet go very well with yellows, whites and greens.

This makes your home’s facade very eye appealing from top to bottom.

Lavender and Roses by Your Fence

Lavender and Roses by Your Fence

If you have a fence surrounding your home, this is a great way to do it.

This one uses a combination of roses to go through the middle and top side of the fence.

And, lavender in front of the fence.

Once again, you see the pink and violet color combination at work.

Trimmed Shrubbery

Trimmed Shrubbery

Garden space isn’t always a priority in many modern-looking homes.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow plants around the frontage  you already have.

Here’s one creative way to do it.

By using the structure you already have, you an incorporate your own garden spaces within.

Unique Furniture Container Garden

Unique Furniture Container

Whether it’s a fountain, tree or unique container, you can use it as your front yard’s centerpiece.

The key is figuring out how to decorate it to make it stand out.

And, organize its surroundings to place more focus on your centerpiece.

That’s what this front yard does very well.

Open Lawn with Flowers and Bushes

Open Lawn with Flowers and Bushes

This is an amazing front yard design where the lawn takes center stage.

Everything else,  be it the trees, flower beds and other floral arrangements play a supporting role.

That said, one without the other makes it dull and boring.

But together, they’re strikingly beautiful.

Flower Garden

Flower Garden

There’s no way any visitor walking down your front path won’t notice your lovely garden.

Heck, I’m quite sure every passerby won’t miss it either.

In fact, they might even hang around and take a photo of your front yard.

That’s how gorgeous this one is.

The well manicured lawn in front welcomes you in while the flowers make you admire it.

Sunken Flower Pots

Flower Garden

This is a simple, yet lovely way to decorating your front yard.

Sunken pots make it so much easier to grow, maintain or even replace the plants in your front yard.

Plus,  it gives you the freedom to plant what you want without having to worry about companion gardening or if one plant is invasive.

Tulip and Grape Hyacinth

Tulip and Grape Hyacinth

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love flower combinations that work.

This one uses the light blue and purple combination from tulips and grape hyacinths.

They work well together because they’re about the same height and size. Plus, they’re colors go well with one another.

Flowers on a Bike

Flowers on a Bike

Earlier you saw a bathtub. Now it’s a bicycle.

Depending on your taste, you may prefer one over the other.

But, in either case, they’re great ways of using objects to adorn your front yard.

Of course, in each situation, flowers they’ll house flowers.

This makes them blend into the garden.

Dwarf Trees

Dwarf Trees

If you don’t like having large trees in and around the middle of your yard, why not try dwarf trees.

The give a very different effect.

Plus, they’re size prevents them from blocking out your home’s view.

Like regular trees, you can adorn them with flower beds at their base to bring focus to them.

Greens Along the Front Pathway

Greens Along the Front Pathway

If you’re looking for a minimalist landscape design, this is something worth considering.

Here, the concrete slab pathway covers most of the ground.

But, the sparse greens that surround it make it look appealing to the eye.

Without the foliage, the frontage becomes very monotonous.

Floral Trellises

Floral Trellises

In case your home only has a small front yard, fret not.

Here’s an amazingly creative way to adding “space” to fit your garden.

By adding trellises, you’re able to add  vertical garden to your home’s facade.

Doing so lets you add floral and foliage landscaping that you otherwise may not have been able to do.


Your front yard says a lot about you.

Often, it forms your visitors’ first impression of your home.

Hopefully, the front yard landscaping ideas above give you some inspiration to help you find the perfect design you want for your home.

What does your dream front yard look like?


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