21 Must See Front Porch Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Envious

DIY Front Porch Farmhouse Bench

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Looking to redecorate your home’s facade?

Here are some wonderful front porch ideas that will make your home more welcoming.

Along with your front lawn or yard, your porch is the first thing people see when they walk by your house.

It’s also the first place that any visitor will step foot in before ringing the doorbell or knocking on your door.

So, in a way, it represents your family.

And, gives people a hint of what they may expect.

If you’re thinking of upgrading or breathing new life into your front porch, here are some amazing ways to do it.

DIY House Number Flower Pots

Front porch ideas

Spruce up your front porch with this home address number idea.

Instead of just painting your house number on a post like everyone does, why not use colored flower pots to do it?

Its amazingly creative. And, it looks awesome as well.

The best part of it all is that you’ll be able to spend time with your kids making it.

In case the numbers don’t come up nicely the first time, just paint over it and start again.

Custom Designed Pallet

diy Front porch ideas

Another way to add a homey feel to your front porch or deck is to design your own pallet.

Use any old pallet that’s lying around in the shed or backyard and turn it into something wonderful.

It’s up to you what you want to put.

You can go with the patriotic theme like that in the image. Or, you can do something more personal.

You can likewise add a few other DIY trinkets onto your pallet as well.

Decorative Planters

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Another way to go is to add a small garden to your front porch.

This is a great way to make your doorway more welcoming.

Plus, it’s perfect if you have a small lawn. The flowers and plants more than make up for the smaller front space.

Again, the shape, size and color of the planter is up to you. And, you also get to choose what plants to grow.

This gives you twice as much design choices to make a simple front porch stand out.

Porch Swing

Porch Decorating Ideas

This is an oldie but goodie.

I remember one of my neighbors having a porch swing and how we used to just hang out there and talk as kids.

Those were good times.

Leisurely swinging in front of the house during a lazy summer day with friends or loved ones is about as good as it gets.

Front Step Ladder

porch ideas

A what?

Yep, a ladder.

If you think about it in your head, you might conjure up a thought where you see an old looking ladder that actually messes up the look of your front porch.

But that’s not this one.

This is a well made, clean looking ladder that’s properly positioned to accent the front doorway.

Along with something colorful beneath it, like flowers, and you’ve got a beautiful piece to go along your front porch.

Front Porch Flower Bed

Front Porch Flower Bed

If you have the entire width of the house to work with, why not add a flower bed on one side?

This gives your front porch a whole new look.

You also get to decide what to grow there.

You can stick with greens which add life to any home’s facade. Or, grow colorful flowers that match or complement your home’s design.

Either way, you win!

Flower Ladder

Front Porch ideas

Here’s another take on the last two items.

Why not combine them?

Each one is great.

But, if you don’t have space to set up a ladder, much less a small garden…

Then, just incorporate the flowers onto the ladder.

This gives your front porch a lovely decorative piece that accents or contrasts the current look of your doorway.

This is a great way to liven up or refresh your home’s look without doing a lot.

DIY Front Porch Farmhouse Bench

DIY Front Porch Farmhouse Bench

This is an awesome DIY project that’s easy to make and looks amazing when you’re done.

What I love about it is that it’s so simple, ye it easily adds character to your front porch.

Better yet, you can use it for anything including entertaining or just talking with friends in the late afternoon.

Shutter Side Table

Shutter Side Table

Sometimes, all it takes is a small change or addition to make something old new again.

And that’s what this shutter side table does.

Add to that a bright colored flower of your choice and you’ve just made your front porch so much more welcoming.

Monogrammed Floor Mat

Monogrammed Floor Mat

If you enjoy painting with your kids, this is a super cheap way to personalize your front porch. And, spent a little more fun time with the young ones.

All you need is a a floor mat and some outdoor or spray paint.

From there, it’s all about designing the lettering and borders.

This is one of those things that takes very little time. But, easily makes a huge difference in how welcoming your front porch is.

Front Porch Seating for Small Spaces

Front Porch Seating for Small Spaces

If you’re looking for something less DIY and more elegant looking, this is a great set to add to your porch.

You do need quite a bit of space to fit both the bench and table.

Extra space really helps in this case because you don’t want to cramp everything in one corner.

Plus, you need to easily get in and out.

That said, the wood finish, white sofa cushion and checkered pillows make for a lovely overall look.

Flower-ful  Front Porch

Flower-ful Front Porch

What’s so great about porches is that you get to choose the look of your home.

You can go classical, fun or colorful.

This makes it a great way to show off your personality.

And this is exactly what flowers can do.

As you can see, this front porch is all about life. The plants, grass and flowers show it. And, their colors make sure you don’t miss them.

That’s what’s so great about flowers. You get to choose which ones to grow.

And, switch them up when you feel like it.

DIY Container Water Garden

DIY Containers Water Garden

Love doing things yourself?

Try this DIY mini garden project.

It’s not often that you see water gardens anymore. That’s makes them unique.

What’s even more unique is to create your own container water garden in your front porch.

The best part is it’s very simple.

All you need is a few items. Of course, the plants. And you’re good to go.

Pallet with Hanging Flowers

Pallet with Hanging Flowers

Here’s another simple, yet eye-catching add on to your porch that can’t help but draw attention.

A vertical pallet with hanging flowers.

This is a great way to liven your front porch and showing off your creative side as well.

The pallet makes use of small pails to hold the flowers, which by the way match the paint of the pallet as well.

You can use the same color scheme or adapt it to match your home’s facade.

Wooden Bench

Wooden Bench

One of the amazing things about front porch benches is that almost no two benches are alike.

That’s the case with this one.

And, it’s unique look it what makes it stand out.

In terms of structure the bench is just like any other bench. But, the design and spaces in between make it seem completely different.

Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are another option to a porch swing.

Like swings, they’re somewhere you can hang out in and enjoy the cool breeze on a lazy day.

This makes them perfect if you have a little space to spare to side of your front door.

Topsy Turvy Flower Planter

Topsy Turvy Flower Planter

Want something that will have your guests talking and thinking?

This is one cool way to do it.

I’ll be they’ll be wondering how you stacked up this topsy turvy flower planter to make them look like they came from some circus.

DIY Welcome Stand

DIY Welcome Stand

If you don’t have a lot of room to work with but still want to add a nice decor piece to your front porch, why not try this one.

It’s a simple DIY welcome stand.

It doesn’t take up a lot of space. And, it adds a touch of design while making your home more welcoming .

Simple Front Porch

Simple Front Porch

Neat, simple and perfect.

That’s what this front porch is.

This proves once again that less is often more.

There aren’t a lot of decorative features like you’ll see in some front porches.

But it has all the right elements at the right places with the right colors.

That’s all you really need.

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants

In case your front porch is already covered with lots of things, try looking up.

Often, we design everything on the ground up to table high.

And sometimes forget what’s at eye-level.

If you find there’s a lot more free space up above, then you can use these hanging planters to spruce things up a bit.

As always, feel free to use the plants that will accent the space.

Flowers and Lanterns

Flowers and Lanterns

If the usual welcome mat isn’t unique or welcoming enough for you, you can roll out an entire ensemble instead.

This set makes your home so much more cozy that it entices people to come in.

The flowers, rustic lanterns and welcome sign exude warmth to incoming visitors.


Like your the way you dress and your facial expression, your front porch provides guests with their first impression on your home.

So, how to decide to design it goes a long way it telling people about your personality.

The ideas above are some great ways to take your front porch to the next level. See which one you like and try to make it your own.

What do you plan on adding or doing to your front porch? Let me know below.


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