18 Beautiful Fence Ideas for Added Privacy

Patio Fence

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Want to add some privacy or security to your yard without degrading its looks?

Why not set up one of these gorgeous fence ideas and designs.

The fences below are great ways to serve both purposes. But, they also allow you to enhance the look of your home.

Depending on what you want to use them for, and what look you want, you’ll find some inspiration below.

DIY Backyard Fence

Fence Ideas

Love your privacy?

This is a backyard fence that gives you that along with a nice design to boot.

Better yet, you can DIY it.

I’ll be honest, this does take a little bit of work. But, I’m sure the results will speak for itself.

DIY Wood Fencing

diy backyard Fence Ideas

Perfect for your vegetable garden, chicken coop or somewhere you want to keep everything else away.

This is another DIY project.

But, it’s not so much for privacy. Instead, it’s job is to keep deer, rabbits, dogs and other creatures from messing with your garden.

It comes with a fence that goes all the way up so nothing gets through.

High Wooden Fence

High Wooden Fence

If you want to create your own haven away from home in your backyard, this is something you can do yourself.

While the wood exterior looks great, it’s the exquisite finish that makes this fence pop!

Make sure you don’t skip that step.

This is a great fence idea if you have a large backyard and want to be able to “step away” for little bit at a time.

Cast Iron Fence

backyard Fence ideas

Another way to separate sections in your garden or yard is to use this lovely cast iron fence idea.

It’s a gated fence that allows you to go in and out.

This makes it perfect if you want to divide a part of your yard for certain flowers, vegetables or herbs.

This ensures that it stays away from everything else including your pets.

Modern Wood Fence

Modern Wood Fence

Very similar to some of the larger fences in our list, this one was created for the driveway.

Basically, it keeps your neighbors away.

Whether you have nosy neighbors or just want a little privacy to yourself, this fence idea will let you block off the view.

Patio Fence

Patio Fence

This fence turns a section of your yard into a patio.

It works really well if you don’t have a front porch or deck where you can hang out.

By setting up a side fence, you can quickly increase privacy, section off an area and provide a background for your patio.

Gotta love the versatility it offers, right?

Flowering Fence

Flowering Fence

This is a live fence!

Nope, not an electrical one. Instead, it’s a botanical one.

What’s I love about this fence is you get to choose how you decorate your home’s borders.

The flowers you choose will determine the color, style and mood it brings.

Plus, you can use combinations as well.

It’s all up to you!

Sturdy Wire Fence

Sturdy Wire Fence

If you want something strong and study, yet see-through, this is a lovely way to go.

You can make a fence. And, add a gate too.

In the photo, the wire fence is used to add height to the low stone walls. This is a great idea that allows you to add extra security without blocking out the entire view.

Specialty Fence

Specialty Fence

I love this fence because of its decorative flair.

It serves its purpose to divide your yard into sections or separate it from your neighbors’. And, also provides a design umph to go with it.

I would have been awesome if the fence can with a DIY tutorial. That would’ve have made it perfect.

Gabion Fence

Gabion Fence

Gabion fences are great because they give you a strong, sturdy look without sacrificing design.

Plus, you get to decide how the wiring looks.

And, the type and size of filling you put. In this case, they’re large rocks which gives your landscape and lawn so much more interesting.

I do enjoy the metal mailbox as a final touch as well.

Fancy Vegetable Garden Fence

Fancy Vegetable Garden Fence

Wire fence at the bottom and clear space on top.

That design is what makes this backyard garden fence so lovely.

Of course, the wiring serves a purpose as well. It keeps small animals from coming in and ruining your garden.

The pillars, decorative top and doorway are just some of the details that make this fence stand out. And, among my favorites.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fences are amazing at giving your backyard extra character.

On top of their unique look, they’re super strong too.

What more can you ask for?

What I love about bamboo is you don’t need to do anything extra to it. No need to paint or finish. In fact, doing so may even camouflage all the nooks and creases that makes it look so natural.

Fence with Lights

Fence with Lights

Sometimes, you can just go with the fence you already have. And, just spruce it up a little.

This is the case by adding stringed light bulbs.

The garden lights will make your yard shine at night so guests can appreciate everything in it.

Do make sure they’re waterproof though. You don’t want any shorts to happen that can trigger any circuit breakers at home.

Pallet Fence

Pallet Fence

Should you have some spare pallets, or know where to get them for cheap, here’s a great weekend DIY project .

Lining up the pallets side by side will let you make an entire wall or fence. You can use it as a separation for within your yard or for your neighbors.

Low Garden Fence

Low Garden Fence

This low garden fence is perfect for a backyard playground or a vegetable garden.

It allows you to raise the surface and create garden beds within the fence as well.

As usual, you get to decide the overall look and color.

Marble Fence

Marble Fence

Wanna have a little fun?

Add a little sparkle to your wooden fence with marbles.

Sticking some colorful marbles into random, well-spaced holes throughout your fence makes it a little more whimsical.

And, I’m fairly certain your kids will love helping out as well.

Rustic Wooden Fence

Rustic Wooden Fence

This wire fence will add a rustic feel to your backyard.

Whether it’s to keep your chickens or grow green garden beds, it’s a great way to keep other people and creatures away.

The fence will need a door, of course, for you to enter and exit.

And, the extra wires on top are optional depending on how high you want it to be.

Steel Fence with Door

metal fence

Instead of wood, you can likewise opt to go with steel.

That’s the case with this metal fence.

In terms of looks, metal fences are more imposing. And, more modern.

Wooden ones offer a more homey, outdoorsy feel.

That said, they both serve the same purpose. That is, to keep things out.


Fences are designed for keeping other people or things away.

But, just because their main purpose is privacy and security, it doesn’t mean they can’t be decorative as well.

The fence ideas above not only offer function but also add character to your home and yard as well.

What kind of fence do you like? Let me know below.


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