19 Magical Fairy Garden Ideas

fairy garden ideas

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Want to create your own fantasy garden?

Here are some beautiful and creative fairy garden ideas you can take inspiration from.

Fairy gardens are amazing because they let you create worlds that are sometimes not possible in real life.

And, because of their size, it’s easy to make as many of them as you want.

That’s not always possible with your garden.

Table Top Fairy Garden

diy fairy garden ideas

This is a great place to start if you’re new to creating fairy gardens.

It’s easy to work on it.

And, its on a flat surface with not too many intricate details.

This makes it perfect for beginners.

Peaceful Yard

fairy garden ideas

I love this creation because it depicts a peaceful yard or garden.

When you see it, you just want to find one exactly like it, sit outside and relax.

That’s why fairy gardens are so great.

They let unleash your creativity. And, do some gardening even when you can’t outside.

Of course, there are the fairies and good luck as well.

Vegetable & Flower Garden

fairy garden projects

This is one of my favorites because it’s like a miniature version of someone’s actual garden.

Unlike most fairy gardens that are more fantasy than reality, this one may exist somewhere.

Plus, I love the details.

There’s so much details on the flowers as well as the vegetables.

And, yes, there’s a greenhouse too.

DIY Fairy Garden

DIY Fairy Garden

Here’s another fairy garden that doesn’t use a lot of grass on the surface.

Not have grass makes it somewhat easier to build and maintain if you’re just starting out.

That’s because the pebbles don’t need any tending.

Plus you can rearrange them very easily.

Affordable Fairy Garden

Affordable Fairy Garden

If you’re on a budget, try this one out for size.

It costs all of $38.

That’s a great deal!

When you’re done, your garden will have all everything in it.

There’s grass, a tree, stones, a water feature and even a fountain.

Fairy Garden in a Crate

Fairy Garden in a Crate

In case you enjoy gardens with more grass, how about this one?

You’ve got a wonderful fairy garden that’s covered in green.

And, there’s a nice rock path in the middle along with s small pond to the side.

Backyard Patio Fairy Garden

Backyard Patio Fairy Garden

This fairy garden is perfect if you’re looking for something more challenging to do on your free time.

Because of all the details, it’s a good idea to plant things out ahead of time.

Making a sketch lets you make an inventory of all the things you’ll need.

And while it’s quite a bit more work that most fairy gardens, I’m sure you’ll be excited to see the final product when you’re done.

15 Minute Dollar Store Fairy Garden Pedestal

15 Minute Dollar Store Fairy Garden Pedestal

This is another low cost fairy garden idea you can make.

All the components come from the Dollar Store.

So, there’s almost no chance of spending a lot. Not unless you buy way too much stuff.

That said, this this is a nice way to let your creative juices flow.

Like the Hobbits

Like the Hobbits

Doesn’t this remind you of Bilbo Baggins’ home in Lord of the Rings?

It’s got a lot of similar features.

And, the the design looks like it came from props in the movie.

That said, don’t let the the rustic look fool you. There’s a lot of small details that make this entire fairy garden look the way it is.

So, if you’re up for a challenge, try it out.

Fairy Garden with Bird Houses

Fairy Garden with Bird Houses

This is a fun way to spend the time with the kids on a Saturday afternoon.

They’ll be able to build, get dirty and paint all in one sitting.

Plus, they’ll be doing it outdoors.

That’s not an easy task anymore nowadays thanks to all the stuff do on their phones.

Camping Grounds Fairy Garden

Camping Grounds Fairy Garden

This is one of the reasons I enjoy fairy gardens.

They’re kinda like Lego’s.

You’re only limited by your creativity.

This is a great example. You’ve got everything you’d likely find in trailer camp grounds.

It’s complete down the to lounge chairs to the bottom right.

Fairy Garden in a Planter

Fairy Garden in a Planter

If you’ve got some extra space in your yard, you can set up your fairy garden there too.

This one is right on the side of the house.

Often, this does mean creating a larger fairy garden.

This lets your imagination run wild.

You’re able to create your own worlds, add all sorts of flowers, grass and twigs as well.

Outdoor Fairy Garden

Outdoor Fairy Garden

I’ve the the props that are used in this fairy garden.

You’ve got the wooden fence, marbles for the pool, the table and chairs.

But let’s not forget the flowers.

They bring a lot of color to this garden as well.

Away from the City

Away from the City

This is a fairy garden in a box.

And, it depicts a rustic garden that you’d likely see away from the urban or metropolitan cities.

That’s what makes fairy gardens so great.

You can make your own fantasy world. Or, create something that’s actually from this world.

Because it’s in miniature scale, you can create them without needing a big plot of land.

Park Bench Bonsai Fairy Garden

Park Bench Bonsai Fairy Garden

This is one of the simplest designs. But, it’s one of the most beautiful as well.

The park bench alongside the Bonsai tree is all you need.

The rest is all about the greens.

Halloween Theme

Halloween Theme

This is perfect for Halloween.

You can actually create your own Halloween themed fairy garden outside your home to let your neighbors see.

Not only is it great decor, it also lets you do some gardening along the way.

Up the Coffee Cup

Up the Coffee Cup

Sometimes, you just want to create something quick and easy.

When that happens, try using a small base.

In this case it’s a coffee mug.

The mug gives you all you need to craft your very own fairy garden.

When you’re done, you can pick up another mug and create a whole new world later on.

Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Tree Stump Fairy Garden

Here’s a great way to liven up some of the tree stumps in your garden.

Tree stumps aren’t always nice to look at because they’re brown and look lifeless.

So, you can spruce them up with your own fairy garden.

All you need are a few mini toys.

Just to give you an idea of how big (or small) this fair garden is, check out the rabbit to the side.

Entire Village in a Fairy Garden

Entire Village in a Fairy Garden

You can likewise create your miniature garden inside an old crate.

This is perfect because the create provides the borders for your garden.

Here,  you’ve got an entire village in the simple crate.

This is so lovely because you’ve got everything you’d normally find in a small village.

And, there’s so much detail to it.


Fairy gardens are fun.

They let your creativity go wild. And, you don’t need an entire garden or yard to create one.

As you can see, the fairy garden ideas above range from the small to the big.

There are elaborate ones and simple ones as well.

Either way, you’ll be able to create your own garden world the way you want it.

What kind of fairy garden do you want to build?


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