13 Creative DIY Mini Garden Ideas

DIY Mini Garden Ideas

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Don’t have the time or the space to tend to a regular garden?

What not try some of these DIY mini garden ideas.

These are just as much gardens as those you see in backyards.

The only difference is, they’re much smaller.

Miniature gardens give you the ability to let your imagination run wild.

And, it lets you create your own space that sometimes isn’t possible in a real garden.

Also, you can use them to plan out your own garden. Or, create one to get inspiration for how you want to landscape or remodel your own backyard.

Check them all out below.

Mini Terrarium Garden

DIY Mini Garden Ideas

This is perfect if you don’t have a big backyard or a garden.

You can make a mini garden that easily sits on top of a table.

The best part about it is you don’t only get to plant the trees, grass and flowers, you also get to decorate your garden.

It’s much easier to design and redesign it as well.

Little Big Tree

Mini Garden Ideas

Would you believe this is an entire garden that’s in one large flower pot?

Yup, everything’s in it.

That’s what makes this miniature garden so awesome.

You’ve got the beautiful landscaping, furniture, grass and flowers.

And, with matching color to to boot as well.

Indoor Fairy Garden

DIY Miniature Garden Ideas

If you’ve always wondered how to create your own miniature garden, here’s an amazing tutorial.

It shows you step by step how to create each of the components.

And, make them look great as well.

What’s great is that you can put it up indoors or outdoors. It’s really up to you where you want to set it down after you’ve finished.

Mini Pot Garden

DIY Mini Garden Projects

One of the fantastic things about mini gardens is you’re able to create things that you may not be able to do in your actual garden.

At times, you may not have the space in your backyard.

Or, your garden may have a completely different landscape.

Other times, you just want to create a world of your own.

That’s what you see here.

The tiered pots let you create 3 different gardens above one another. Each one different, yet complementary of the other.

Mini Zen Garden

miniature garden ideas

This miniature zen garden reminds me very much of some of those I’ve seen in Japan.

What’s great about Japanese gardens is that they’re so well taken care of.

And, if you decide to go, make sure to schedule your trip during the time the Cherry Blossoms appear.

In any case, this is a perfect mini zen garden complete with foot bridge and water features.

Mini Tray Garden

Mini Tray Garden

This is a lovely miniature garden that features a greenhouse.

It comes with a fountain as well.

But what makes it shine are the greens provided by the succulents.

They’re positioned perfectly to make everything look right.

And, everything’s sitting on a tray.

Garden Under the Tree

outdoor mini garden

Here’s a cool way to design the trunk of your tree.

It works especially well for large, old trees.

That’s because the wider base gives you more room to create your mini garden.

And, with older trees, you’ll see a lot of root development. All of which you can use to landscape your garden.

Mini Trough Planter

Mini Trough Planter

At times, you don’t need an entire garden.

All you need are just a few plants.

That’s where this mini trough planter comes in.

It’s perfect for your home or office table. Or to decorate your living room or bedroom.

Fishbowl Terrarium

Fishbowl Terrarium

This is a semi-open terrarium.

I say semi-open simply because while it technically has an open feature, the mouth of the fishbowl is considerably smaller than the garden itself.

This contrast makes it wonderful to look at.

Although, it can make it a little bit more tricky to work with if you have big hands like me.

Fantasy Garden

Fantasy Garden

I love this bright, fantasy garden.

In part because I know you won’t be able to find anything like it in the real world.

It’s beauty is in the combination of all the ornaments.

The soil is replaced by all sorts of wonderful light colored rocks, which makes it stand out.

And, the lights make it magical to look at.

Park Bench in a Bowl

Park Bench in a Bowl

If you look from afar, you’d probably mistaken it for a bowl of salad.

That’s because the greens are designed to look like that.

But, if you look closer, you’ve got an entire miniature park there, include the light post and bench.

Mini Garden Gazette

Mini Garden Gazette

This is such a great view of a mini garden because it gives you an idea of how small it really is.

Just imagine your dog’s face being almost as big as the entire garden itself.

And, this isn’t even a big dog breed.

That said, this mini garden looks a lot more similar to what you may have at home.

It’s got a lot of grass and trees. You’ve got furniture and some rocks as well along with concrete surfaces.

Beach Garden

Beach Garden

Not all gardens need to be filled with lush, green grass and tall trees. Or, come with flower beds.

That’s the case with this beach front garden.

It looks much like something you’d see in the movies, with homes that are near the waterfront.

You’ve got a little of grass. There’s sand and even a coconut tree, albeit a plastic one here.


Not everyone has a garden. Or, have the time to tend to a large garden.

But that does not mean you need to give up your green thumb.

These wonderful mini gardens show you that super small spaces are enough to make your own little backyard.

It’s all up to your imagination.

Which one is your favorite miniature garden?


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