17 Easy DIY Greenhouse Projects & Plans Anyone Can Do

Full-Fledged Greenhouse

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Would you like to build your own greenhouse?

If so, here are some amazing DIY greenhouse ideas and projects you can start in your backyard.

And don’t worry.

You don’t need a big budget. Or, very large space to build one.

As you’ll see below, there you can create your very own climate control structure exactly the way you want it.

Greenhouse From Old Windows

DIY greenhouse projects

I probably wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

This greenhouse is constructed from old windows!

That’s a great way to use stuff that you don’t need anymore.

The best part about it is that you can follow the steps too.

There’s a complete tutorial that shows you exactly how to create this greenhouse.

Of course, you’ll probably have different windows, including their sizes and shapes. So, you’ll need to measure things to get them to fit together.

Nevertheless, super creative.

Low Cost Greenhouse (under $100)

DIY Greenhouse plans

This is a cheap DIY greenhouse that comes out to about $67.00.

That’s all you need to create it yourself.

This is perfect if you don’t need have a lot of space in your yard. You can set it right beside your home or shed.

That said, you will need to do a little carpentry to created the wooden structure.

DIY Covered Greenhouse Garden

DIY Greenhouses

This is one of the coolest little greenhouses I’ve seen.

It’s another DIY project.

But, what makes it unique is the retracting cover. This lets you lift up the entire top like you would a lid.

And, in doing so, be able to work on your garden.

When you’re done, you can close it up again to give the plants a more stable growing environment.

Repurposed Windows Greenhouse

Repurposed Windows Greenhouse

Here’s another greenhouse made from old windows.

It’s a popular option because greenhouses are made primarily with glass on all sides. As such windows work really well.

The great thing about this is that you don’t really need for all the windows to match.

That’s the case here.

In fact, the different window panes give your greenhouse a lot more character.

Wooden Greenhouse

Wooden Greenhouse

This one’s a little bit more professional.

So, you do need a bigger budget for it.

And, you’ll also need a little more carpentry skill.

That said, the end result speaks for itself.

You’ve got a beautiful wooden greenhouse. It can likewise work as a guest house or other type of lodging if you wish.

Retractable Greenhouse

Retractable Greenhouse

This greenhouse actually a hoop house.

This makes it perfect if you don’t have a lot of space in your yard. Or, if you don’t want to grow too big of a garden within your greenhouse.

It’s also cheaper and easier to build.

This greenhouse is made with PVC for the frame. And, it’s got a wildly creative retractable roof cover that makes it very easy to open and close.

Blue Glassed Greenhouse

Blue Glassed Greenhouse

No, you don’t necessarily have to paint yours blue like the one in the tutorial.

In fact, you’ll probably want to paint it your favorite color.

Or, a color that matches your home’s backyard.

In any case, this lets you create your own greenhouse from scratch.

It does take a little bit of work.

But the best part about it is that you get to customize it to your needs.

Greenhouse for Your Flower Beds

Greenhouse for Your Flower Beds

This is a great idea if you have old windows and lots of flower beds in your garden.

Instead of building a greenhouse and moving all your plants there, why not build on what you already have.

This is a much simpler solution to creating your own greenhouse from the ground up.

And, you’ll be able to use the setup you already have.

Barn House Greenhouse

Barn House Greenhouse

This is a greenhouse that’s built in the shape of a barn.

Similarly, if you already have a barn that you don’t use anymore, you can convert it into your very own green house.

Either way, it works.

I love this design because it gives you a lot of room to grow whatever plants you want.

Plus, you get to choose what design you want on the barn.

Full-Fledged Greenhouse

Full-Fledged Greenhouse

If you’ve got some carpentry experience and are ready to invest some time into it, here’s what you can do.

This is very impressive to say the least.

I’m sure anyone who sees it will easily appreciate the look and aesthetic.

Plus, they’ll also know that you built it yourself.

Umbrella Greenhouse

Umbrella Greenhouse

This is perfect if you grow your vegetables in large round containers.

You’ll be able to use umbrellas to mimic a greenhouse.

Need I say more?

It’s much cheaper than buying all the supplies.

And, you don’t need to build anything. All you need to do is set it up properly.

Fold-up Greenhouse Project

Fold-up Greenhouse Project

Just in case you may want to move or store the greenhouse away someday, this is a great option.

Most greenhouse setups are hard to store away. At least not without tearing everything down.

Here’s a solution to that.

The entire greenhouse folds up so you can store it away conveniently.

This also makes it easy in case you want to move it somewhere else.

Mini Greenhouse on Stilts

Mini Greenhouse on Stilts

Why stilts?

One word: snow.

This is perfect if it your locale receives a lot of snowfall during the winter.

Snow, along with the cold, can easily mess up your plants and vegetation.

So, putting the entire greenhouse on stilts eliminates the problem.

You can build it as high or as low as you need to, depending on how many inches of snow your home tends to receive during the cold months.

Your Very Own Cold Frame

Cold Frame Greenhouse

While not technically a greenhouse, this is another cool creation that will let you extend your gardening season.

Cold frames work different from greenhouses in that they’re able to keep temperatures low.

This gives your plants get a few more weeks to grow.

DIY Greenhouse by Black+Decker

DIY Greenhouse by Black+Decker

This is an amazing step by step DIY tutorial from home improvement giant Black+Decker.

It shows you exactly how to build your own greenhouse from the bottom up.

This includes how to nail the each piece of wood and apply the sheeting over the structure.

I’m wondering though…

Do you work like the guy in the tutorial?

I mean with a long sleeved shirt and khakis when doing your woodwork stuff?

Just curious.

Geodome Greenhouse

Geodome Greenhouse

Nope, this isn’t some space age greenhouse.

It’s a dome. A geodome to be precise.

While the structure is a bit trickier to build compared to your conventional square or rectangular house, it does have it’s advantages.

It’s more stable, better light absorption from all angles and a few more.

So if you want something unique that attracts attention, this is it.

Square Greenhouse

greenhouse project

From the unique, we go to something more simple.

This is a no frills greenhouse structure that gets the job done.

The plus side is that it’s much easier to build compared to other more elaborate structures.

So, if want to get things up quickly, this is a good way to go.


When you hear the word greenhouse, the first thing that comes to mind are the large structures you see in the movies, magazines and TV.

But, that’s not necessarily true.

As you can see from above, greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes.

You can also build them yourself, so you don’t spend thousands of dollars setting one up.

That’s makes them very accessible for any backyard gardener.

Which greenhouse do you like the most?


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