15 DIY Garden Projects & Ideas on a Budget

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Looking to save money in your backyard?

Here are some perfect DIY garden ideas and project on a budget.

They’re easy and cheap to do yourself.

This way, you don’t need to go buy everything from the nursery. This lets you use the extra money elsewhere, be it your savings or paying off debt.

Try them out.

Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starter

DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget

You know those cardboard rolls you end up with when you finish your toilet paper?

Well, don’t throw them away.

You can use them for all sorts of dispensable things.

One way is to start seeds in them.

This is practically free since you’re probably going to throw those cardboard rolls away.

So, why not use them instead.

DIY Hanging Garden from Recycled Milk Bottles

DIY Garden Projects on a Budget

This is a such a creative ideas.

It’s another way to make use of something you don’t need anymore.

This time, it’s you milk bottles.

This trick only works with plastic bottles since you won’t be able to cut open the glass ones as easily. Although, you could if you had power tools.

That said, you can use these plastic bottles as hanging planters for herbs.

Doing so lets you save on the planters. And, also grow your own food.

DIY Pallet Furniture Makeover

Cheap & Easy DIY Garden Ideas

You already know how expensive furniture is. Patio furniture is no different.

So, if you have some old pallets lying around, you can use them instead.

This is such a great way to create your own sofa and table set without going to the store and buying one.

The DIY part is a little tricky since you need some carpentry experience.

That said, you can always learn on the fly.

After all, knowing how to build your own stuff will pay off a ton later on.

DIY Terra Cota Bird Feeder

DIY Garden Ideas

Here’s another amazing DIY project.

It’s perfect if you want to attract birds to your garden.

The complete tutorial shows you how to do everything from start to finish.

This lets you create your own bird feeder on the cheap.

Plus, having bird in your garden also helps your garden grow, since they’re well-known to help in pollination.

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Solar Lights

DIY Garden Projects

This is one of my favorites.

I remember buying a set of solar lights from Costco only to be disappointed because of how dim they where.

If you’ve experienced the same problem, here’s a way to increase their illumination for almost free.

Mason jars!

You already probably know my love for mason jars because of their versatility and usefulness.

Well, here’s another reason to love them even more.

Follow this DIY tutorial and you’ll be able to add these solar lights almost anywhere outside your home.

Reuse Old Ladders

budget Garden Ideas

Ladders are big and bulky, even when they’re folded up.

Even the small ones take a good section of my small storage room.

So, why not put them to good use when they’re old.

You probably won’t like to use old creaky ladders because they’re unsafe to hold your weight.

But, they’ll easily work as decor holding much smaller objects like planters and other containers.

Cooking Pan Planters

budget Garden Projects

If you have old pans and baking trays that you’ve replaced, bring them outside as well.

These containers are perfect for holding plants, especially those that have a little depth in them.

As for the trays, you can use them as for seeds.

At least before moving the seeds outside as they grow.

Cobbled Stones Raised Garden Bed

Cobbled Stones Raised Garden Bed

Here’s another affordable way to create a raised garden while decorating it as the say time.

You can use cobbled stones.

This is a complete DIY tutorial on how to create your own raised garden using these blocks as the border.

DIY Window Box Planter

DIY Window Box Planter

You’ve probably seen how beautiful window box planters are.

This is especially true if you grow colorful flowers in them.

The good news is, you can make one yourself.

It’s not that difficult.

You can follow the tutorial which shows you everything from planning all the way to building and installing it.

DIY Pallet Gardening Table

DIY Pallet Gardening Table

Tell me this isn’t one of the coolest things you’ve seen.

I was blown away the first time I saw it.

Not only does it look great, it’s also super functional.

Of course, you can also design the pallet. Or paint it if you want.

That said, what makes this idea so awesome is how you can use it. Then fold it up after to save space.

String Lights

String Lights

One of the best things about string lights is that they’re inexpensive.

And, they’re quite good a lighting up dark areas because they can cover spaces where there are no roofs to install bulbs.

This lets you light up your backyard or a section of it.

It works for security purposes.

And, also when you have guests.

DIY Backyard Pond

DIY Backyard Pond

Have you always wanted a pond but thought it was too expensive to hire people to build it in your backyard?

Well, you can do it yourself for much cheaper.

Yes, you’d actually be surprised as to how easy it is to create a natural looking pond.

The key is understanding the concept.

This includes the flow of the water. And, how to make the pond look like it’s part of nature.

This amazing tutorial shows you exactly how to do it.

DIY Ladder Planter

DIY Ladder Planter

This is not your ordinary ladder.

Although, you can use one as well. And, just make a few minor modifications.

That said, this lets you grow plants vertically.

In doing so, you save a lot of space while being able to increase the number of things you have in your garden.

DIY Pallet Planter

DIY Pallet Planter

Pallets are one of my favorites.

That’s because you can use them in so many ways.

Whether you’re setting them down horizontally or let them stand up vertically, they work just as well.

Here’s just one of many ways to use a pallet… as a planter.

You can let it stand up or lean against something.

This will let you hang containers and grow plants, herbs and flowers in them.

Reuse Old Cabinets

Reuse Old Cabinets

You probably already know that large furniture are a chore to get rid of.

Unless you can find someone who knows how to restore them.

And, have some use for them…

You probably aren’t going to be able to unload things like cabinets that easily.

So, why not repurpose them instead.

Here’s one way to reuse an old cabinet. It’s perfect to hold things like gardening tools.

You can likewise use the top as a work bench if it’s wide enough.


Gardening can be expensive. That’s because of all the tools, seeds and space you need.

But, you can do it at a budget.

DIY, re-purposing things and re-using old stuff will let you grow a fantastic garden without spending a lot of money.

What DIY garden projects have you done to save cash?


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