17 DIY Garden Fountain Ideas to Add Water Features to Your Yard

Tiered Flower Pot Fountain

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Did you know that it’s easy to create your own water feature for your backyard?

These garden water fountain ideas and designs are living proof of that.

Better yet, they come with step by step tutorials you can follow.

This way you can make them your DIY project.

Find one you like below and get started.

DIY Clay Pot Fountain

DIY Garden Fountain Ideas

This is an amazing tutorial that shows you how to create your own tiered clay pot fountain.

It goes through each step explaining what you need.

And, how you and accomplish each step.

By then end, you’ll have a great water feature you can show off in your garden.

Patio Water Wall

DIY Garden Fountain projects

Most water features are either fountains and ponds.

This is something different.

While I still consider it a fountain, it’s more like a waterfall, of sorts.

In any case, I thought you’d love it anyway.

This looks like something you’d buy in the store, right?

But guest what, you can DIY it!

Just follow the tutorial and you’ll have your own water wall project done in no time.s

DIY Bamboo Water Feature

Garden Fountain Ideas

Yet another DIY project you can take.

This time, it’s a bamboo water feature.

This is great if you want to promote calmness and serenity in your garden.

The slow, light water flow also helps you soothe your stresses away.

DIY Tea Pot Water Fountain

Garden Fountain projects

If you have an old tea pot that you don’t use anymore, why not put it to good use.

This lovely add on puts a little whimsy to your garden.

By surrounding it with colorful flowers, you’re also able to accentuate it.

DIY Waterfall and Pond

DIY Waterfall and Pond

Did you know you can create your own pond (and waterfall) without spending the $3,000-$5,000 hiring a professional to set it up?

Do it yourself!

This DIY water project is perfect if you want to add something unique and exceptional to your garden.

It’s does take a little work because you need to figure out how to cycle the water.

But, the instructions in the tutorial guide you through every step.

Disappearing Water Fountain

Disappearing Water Fountain

This is a cool water feature where you can see the water “dance”.

Unlike most of the other fountains which deliver a slow, calm water flow, this one’s a bit more lively.

It’s intentional inconsistent flow makes the water move like it’s “dancing”.

And, the rocks surrounding it places extra focus on it.

Tiered Flower Pot Fountain

Tiered Flower Pot Fountain

This is another variation of a tiered fountain.

But in this case, you’ll be using large flower pots.

You can go with the same design. Or choose something that’s similar.

This gives you the freedom to pick the material, size, color and look of your fountain.

Once you’ve selected the design, you can follow the instructions to secure the water source.

And, set up the cycling of the water.

Nashville Concrete Fountain

garden water feature

This is a variation of the disappearing water fountain.

But in this case, rocks and fountain are housed in a cylindrical concrete structure.

This makes it more formidable.

And, more eye-catching as well.

Stacked Rocks Water Fountain

Stacked Rocks Water Fountain

This is a a very cool looking fountain because of the uneven rocks.

You’ve probably wondered to yourself how they keep those rocks balanced, right?

Well, you’ll find out here.

This DIY water fountain project shows you everything from start to finish.

And, you’ll be able to create your own design if you want to as well.

DIY Urn Fountain

DIY Urn Fountain

Another option to tiered water fountains is to get a large urn.

This gives you enough height to make it the center of attention.

Or, at the very least, eye-catching enough to be one of the focal points of your garden.

When it comes to this DIY project, choosing the urn is key.

Picking the right, size, design and color to match your garden goes a long way.

Plus, you don’t want one with too small a mouth. That will make it hard to work on the fountain feature.

DIY Slow Waterfall

DIY Slow Waterfall

This sprinkling waterfall is so creative I can’t stop marveling at it.

Besides setting up the plumbing system, the biggest part of this is the water dispenser.

That’s what gives the waterfall it’s look and distinct feel.

The slow flowing water also provides a unique sound that most fountains don’t produce.

Pondless Waterfall

Pondless Waterfall

This is what you can call a disappearing waterfall.

If you look at where the water reaches the ground, it seems to magically disappear into thin air.

That’s what makes it so great!

Of course, there’s the wonderful 2-tier waterfall with a small river in the middle as well.

Concrete Recife Fountain

Concrete Recife Fountain

Should you prefer a bit of a larger piece, then this may be a good option.

Compared to the others on our list, this has a more modern design.

As such, you probably want to use it with a matching background.

Concrete Fountain

Concrete Fountain

This somewhat resembles a stone waterfall.

But, it’s a fountain flowing into a small pond-like water feature.

What makes it stand out though, is the concrete slab design.

That said, you will need to use a power tool for the concrete.

Wooden Barrel Water Fountain

Wooden Barrel Water Fountain

This is one lovely addition to any rustic garden.

The wooden barrel makes it naturally blend in with any grassy surrounding.

This lets you set it up in your garden alongside flowers.

DIY Water Jug Water Feature

DIY Water Jug Water Feature

If you prefer something more fun, here’s another option.

This one uses two water canisters guiding water downward to a basin.

It’s so cool because the water lands directly into the next container every time.

Stone Fountain

Stone Fountain

The stone design here looks like something that comes from Superman’s fortress of solitude.

The jagged stone and uneven pattern it makes is remarkable.

You would think that their disorganized look won’t work.

But, it works fantastically well.

Add to that the water flow in the middle of the fountain, which makes it perfect.


I hope that these garden fountain ideas give you some inspiration.

Most of them are DIY. So, you can choose one, pick up any equipment you’ll be needing and try them out as a project.

In the end, you’ll have a new feature that makes your garden look more amazing.

What’s your favorite water fountain design?


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