10 Amazing Container Gardening Ideas

Container Gardening Ideas

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If you live in the city or don’t have a lot of soil for your disposable, try these clever container gardening ideas. Container gardening is a great way to maximize space because it lets you use different size and shaped containers to keep your plants in.

This makes it easy to arrange them or move them when needed. Potted gardens are also great if you happen to live in an area where the soil isn’t rich in nutrients. This lets you use the right type of soil in your container to grow the kind of plants you want to grow.


Hanging Container Pot

Hanging Container PotDon’t have a lot of space on the ground or tabletops, why not hang your plants. Hanging plants give your home a different decorative dimension because the flowers are at eye level.

Normally, we need to look down to see plants. But with this idea, you’ll able to avoid using any space and still have an attractive garden in your home.


Ladder Tea Pots

Ladder Tea PotsThis is another innovative idea if you don’t have a lot of space in your yard to work with. Instead of laying all the plants in a row, you can line them upwards in a ladder.

The ladder is a perfect structure to place pots in. And, to add even more creativity, why not use tea pots. Tea pots are lovely, come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, they vary in color.

This lets you decorate your garden to complement the plants in it.


Colorful Tires

Colorful TiresIf you have some old auto tires lying around, why not repurpose them for your garden. Tires are probably the last thing on anyone’s mind in terms of plant containers. But, they work wonderfully.

Tires give you a lot of room to grown bigger plants. They also offer enough space for plants that have a deep root system.

To brighten them up, repaint the tires so that they all aren’t colored black. Lovely bright colors like yellow, pink, blue, green and orange are perfect to help complement your garden.


Doorway Pot

Doorway PotThis a great way to make your home more welcoming. Adding a potted plant right before the door makes it a nice decorative piece. But, it also makes your home more inviting for guests.

With entry way pots, it’s a good idea to get bigger ones. Small ones will be overshadowed by the door and your house. So, using a bigger pot makes it visible.


Plants in a Wheelbarrow

Plants in a WheelbarrowIf you have an old wheelbarrow lying around, this is a wonderful DIY plant to try on your free time. Making the wheelbarrow a planter gives you more space to plant a variety or flowers or herbs. You can also make it a mini garden.


Lunch Box Container Garden

Lunch Box Container GardenDon’t know what to do with old lunch boxes? Use them as plant containers. Their shape and size makes they unique planters that are very different from your traditional pots.

This not only lets you reuse the old lunchboxes but also add character to your garden. You can use lunch boxes of different colors and designs that help make your garden stand out even more.


Soda Bottle Container Garden

Soda Bottle Container GardenWant to recycle used soda bottles? This is a great way to do so. Soda bottles have a unique shape that makes them a bit trickier to use.

But, with a little creativity and some cutting you can reshape them to hold various plants. In this position, hanging the bottles is a great way display them.

This idea is perfect for adding a wall or barrier that separates one area of your garden from another.


Antique Birdcage

Antique BirdcageIf you happen to find an old bird cage in the flea market or yard sale, you can use it as a decorative piece in your garden. In addition to giving your yard a more rustic look, it also lets you grow plants in them.

Bird cages are a unique ornament to add to any garden. And, they’re beautiful to look at because they come in different sizes, shapes and designs.


Bathtub Garden

Bathtub GardenBesides bird cages, bath tubs are another piece you can add to your garden. It gives you the perfect shell to hold a lot of soil. And, it’s design gives you the protection your plants may need from strong winds or other elements.

Bathtubs offer a rare combination of long and wide space along with great depth. This lets you choose from many different types of plants to grow in it.


Plants in Watering Pots

Plants in Watering PotsFinally, why not reuse old water pots. Water pots have a similar shape to traditional garden pots that make them great especially for plants that grow deep roots.

With plastic water pots, you also get the option of reshaping it to make it perfect for whatever plant you want to grow in it.

Of course, they’re very easy to carry should you want to move the plants around. The handle makes them ideal for rearranging your garden.


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