Cheap Ways to Improve Your Garden This Year

Cheap Ways to Improve Your Garden

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Did you know that a well-kept lawn or garden increases the value of your home? This is why it’s always important to keep your yard in top condition. Additionally, people love looking at a lovely garden. It makes you feel happier and lifts your mood. The good news is, you don’t need a lot of money to beautify your lawn. Here are 10 cheap ways to improve your garden that anyone can do.

Simple and Cheap Ways to Improve Your Garden

Clean the Pots

flower potsFlower and plant pots are often neglected. For most of us, the only time we give the pots attention is when it breaks.

The reason for this is that it’s what’s in the pot that matters most. The pots are only containers for the main attraction which are the flowers, herbs, vegetables or other plants.

However, because they’re open to the elements and they’re around soil all the time, your pots can get dirty and discolored. So, giving them a clean every now and then helps your garden look brighter and neater.

Pots are to plants as wheels are to cars. If you have a nice clean car with dirty wheels, your car won’t look as nice as it should. The same is true for pots.

To clean the pots, just use water and some soap or detergent. You will need a brush to scrub the dirt and other muck that stick on the surface.

Keep Your Lawn in Good Condition

aerate the lawnGrass covers majority of the surface of your garden. While flowers and other beautiful plants are the main focus, everyone will notice the grass when they look at the plants.

This is why it’s important to keep a well-maintained lawn. Ideally, you want long, lush, green grass that’s evenly trimmed regularly. Uneven grass produces weird looking wave-like patterns that’s very bothersome to our brain. Similarly, no one likes seeing bald or brown patches in your lawn.

To keep your lawn in top condition, it’s important to water it a few times a week and mow them as needed.

Edge Your Lawn

edge your lawnIn addition to keeping the grass neat and tidy, it’s also a good idea to edge your lawn. This ensures that the ends and corners of the grass aren’t unwieldy. This becomes very obvious because the edges are beside things with contrasting appearances like concrete, bricks or sidewalks.

This makes the edges look odd when they’re not trimmed well.

You can likewise edge your lawn to make decorative patterns that will make your lawn look unique.

Add Some Lights

plant lightsLights are a great way to accentuate your lawn. What’s great about lights is that you don’t need to buy expensive lights. Simple string lights or solar powered lights work well.

String lights, like those used in Christmas trees or outdoor decorations are very affordable. Plus, they give you the creative freedom to line your garden any way your want. You get to pick the color of the lights, how many there are and how they’re patterned.

If you want to save on electricity, you can get solar lights. These come in all shapes and sizes with some that can be hung and others in stake form that goes into the grass. Solar lights recharge during the day and light on their own at night.

This lets you save on electricity while beautifying your garden.

Plant Trees

Trees You Should Never Plant in Your YardTrees are an essential part of any yard. They give gardens a distinct character depending on the type of tree you have.

Additionally, trees offer amazing protection as well. During the summer, the provide shade and help lower the temperature in and surrounding your home.

The also help reduce the risk of erosion. And, block strong winds from directly hitting your home.

Trees likewise protect you from rain and snow.

The best part is, they don’t cost much. And, you get to choose the type of tree. If you want, you can go with fruit bearing trees which lets you harvest healthy fruits.

Grow Some Flowers

fresh flowersIf you want to brighten up your garden, nothing beats flowers. Flowers are beautiful and full of color. They come in so many species that you’re able to design your garden the way you want it to look.

This not only lets you landscape your garden it also allows you to put different colored flowers to decorate your yard.

You can choose all sorts of colors to complement on contrast the green of the grass and the color of your home. All colors are available including red, pink, yellow, purple, blue and white.

The best thing about flowers is that you get to choose how they’re planted. You can use pots or a flowerbed. You can likewise make your own DIY options like crates, pallets and other lovely designs.

Remove Old, Wilting Plants

wilting plantsOne of the easiest ways to beautify your garden is to remove wilted and dying plants. In contrast to the peak conditions, old plants lose their color and don’t look as vibrant as they once did. This makes them less appealing to look at.

While you’re at it, remove the ugly weeds as well. Weeds have a tendency to infest lawns and gardens damaging the lovelier plants.

Add a BBQ Area

bbqIf you like to spend time outdoors with friends and family why not add a grill or BBQ area. This lets you entertain and have fun, especially during the sunnier months.

Spending time outdoors on the BBQ is a great way to show off your garden while relaxing.

Outdoor kitchens work great because you have the option to design it the way you like. You can have a grill, smoker or pizza oven there. It’s up to you.

Make Your Own Fire Pit

fire pitA fire pit is another great option. This gives you and your family a nice place to hang out outdoors without leaving your home. It not only lets you enjoy nature when the sun goes down, it also gives you more bonding time with your family.

The best part about fire pits is you can do them yourself. Of course, there are also a lot of inexpensive ready-made firepits available if you prefer not to DIY it.

Plant Some Herbs

herbsFinally, why not plant some herbs. Herbs and veggies are a great way to make your garden lovely and practical. They’re edible, so you can harvest them when the time comes to use for cooking.

Herbs are much easier than veggies to grow because they don’t require a lot of space. Additionally, they don’t need a lot of maintenance which makes they simpler to take care of.


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