11 Stunning Black Flowers for Your Garden

Queen of the Night Tulip

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Want to add some black flowers in your garden? Here are some amazing choices you can pick from.

They all have beautiful black blooms. But, for variety, you’ll notice that their black-ness is different as they’re made from combination of different colors.

This lets you choose anywhere from complex black all the way to reddish or purple black. Also, you’ll love the different shapes and sizes they come in.

Check them out below.


Stunning Black Flowers for Your Garden

Black Beauty Pansy

Black Beauty Pansy

Image from Pinterest

Known as the Viola ‘Black Beauty’ Pansy, this lovely flower gets its name from its black colored flower. Close up, you’ll see its black petals surround the violet, yellow center which gives it a very unique look.

But, as you go farther and allow the light to strike it, the colors of the edges of its petals become lighter. This gives it a beautiful velvety look.

These perennials grow in clumps. Unfortunately, they are short-lived.


Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos

I must admit that Chocolate cosmos is one of the coolest floral names I’ve ever come across.

This is the perfect choice if you want a lovely bloom that isn’t quite black in color but quite near-black. Instead, they have a very dark maroon, reddish-brow color that’s very close to black.

This gives it a shade that isn’t overly dark that may be easier to blend with certain home interiors.

As its name suggests, is has a sweet chocolate scent. Some people will tell you that it reminds them of freshly baked chocolate.

This amazing looking flower needs well-drained fertile soil along with full sun in order to thrive. Avoid too much water as well.


Midnight Poppy

Midnight Poppy

Here’s another near-black colors flower that’s stunning to look at. It sports a very deep purple color that looks like black. Although some will consider its black color and flower appearance more haunting.

If you feel the latter, you may want to grow it together with other plants of contrasting colors. This will make it stand out but in a subtle way.

Midnight Poppies are hardy to USDA zones 3 to 9. They bloom in the summer and are are drought tolerant.

Their blooms grow up to 2.5 feet tall and do best in full or partial sun.


Queen of the Night Tulip

Queen of the Night Tulip

Queen of the night tulips are among my favorites when it comes to black flowers.

It has a very rich, deep purple color with some shades or burgundy. As such, it looks black but with hints of small steaks of reddish tones. Add to this its velvety looks which makes it amazing to look at.

Like other tulips, it features a large bulb that opens into a flower.

This perennials does best in full or partial sun. It blooms during spring time. Thus, the best time to plant it is in the fall.


Nigra Hollyhock

Nigra Hollyhock

Here’s one that’s been around since 1808. And, the reason for is longevity is its beauty.

These lovely black flowers grow in single blooms. If you look closely, you’ll see its black-ness comes from a very deep colored chocolate red, much like red velvet but with the tint pushed all the way to the maximum.

Featuring a long stem, they grow up to 5 feet tall. Although, you only need to plant their seeds about ¼ of an inch deep. Make sure to leave about 18 to 36 inches between plants when sowing as well.

Best grown in zones 2 through 9, this perennial is known to attract pollinators and hummingbirds.


Petunia ‘Black Velvet’

Petunia ‘Black Velvet’

Petunia ‘Black Velvet’ is commonly known as Black Velvet Petunia or just as the Black Petunia.

This is another wonderfully dark colored plant that’s stunning to look at.

It’s most distinctive feature is its trumpet shaped flowers which bloom from the middle of spring all the way to mid fall.

They’re best grown in the garden for borders, edging, in containers or hanging baskets.

The plants themselves are short in stature, growing up to only 10 inches high. As such, many people like to grow them in mass to use a bedding.




New York Night Hellebore

New York Night Hellebore

Also known as the Lenten Rose, this is a beautiful flower with wide petals surrounding a cream, yellowish center that has protruding stamens.

These beautiful perennials love the sun but can also tolerate full shade. This is one of the reasons they are easy to care for and low maintenance.

They grow up to 2 feet tall and bloom during spring.


Night Rider Lily

Night Rider Lily

Night Rider Lilies are a cross between trumpet and Asiatic lilies. As such, they’re different from true lilies not just in color but also appearance. And, this has made it very popular with gardeners.

I love it dark black color because it is very complex. Unlike other flowers that just look all black, this one has a variety of different shades within each of its petals.

They’re fairly tall plants that can grow to 4 feet or higher. Their amazing looks also make them a good choice for your cut flower garden.

The way their petals spread open is one of the reasons they look amazing in cut flower arrangements.


Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Images from Pinterest

Black Calla Lilies are commonly known as Calla Lily Black Hero. Botanically, they’re referred to as Zantedeschia Sprengeri.

These are beautiful because of their shape. They look like lilies but are black in color with hits of purple when the light hits them.

They’re fragrant as well and attract pollinators.

As you would expect, these perennials are sun-loving plants growing their best with full or partial sun.

They get as tall as 2 feet high and bloom during the summertime.

Just in case you were wondering you may also want to check out the super-lovely black & white mix calla lily (Zantedeschia Black & White Mix) which looks like a milk and very dark chocolate combination you’d see in a confectionary.


Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia

Image from Pinterest

There are 10 to 20 different black colored dahlias amongst the 20,000 or varieties known. Unfortunately, they are rare.

The good news is, if you look around, you’ll be able to find some online.

That said, Black Dahlias are loved because of their complex shape and texture. But, as with most things that know they are pretty, they are very temperamental.

Thus, they need a bit of caring and monitoring.


Black Baccara Rose

Black Baccara Rose

Images with Pinterest

If you want to find a beautiful black flower that isn’t overly black, here’s one of my top choices.

The Black Baccara Rose features a burgundy black color that maintains many of the features of the rose that everyone loves.

As such, you have the stunning overlapping petals that get bigger as they get farther away from the center.

As you can guess, this is a hybrid. And, is was bred specifically for florists. It’s beauty makes it a showy plant that stands out in any arrangement.

Thus, it is a good addition to your cut flower garden. as you can pick them and keep them in a vase for up to 2 weeks.

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