15 Best Tropical Plants You Can Grow at Home or in Your Garden


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Want to create a jungle atmosphere in your garden?

Here are the best tropical plants you can easily grow at home and in your garden.

This will let you enjoy their unique look.

And, their amazing colors.



Bromeliads may look intimidating because some gardeners will tell you they’re not the easiest to grow.

But, they actually adapt well to the home environment.

This makes them something you can enjoy, especially because they’re very lovely to look at.

All you have to do is follow a few rules.

Bromeliads aare epiphytes. As such, they like clinging to other objects like trees. This makes it a good idea to grow them in much like some orchids, in barks.

They also enjoy bright but indirect light.

And, prefer quick draining soil.

The best part about them is they’re available in all sorts of colors including orange, red, pin, green, yellow and a few more.

This gives you a lot of selection.



Speaking of orchids, they are another beautiful tropical flower that can liven up any space.

As far as plants go, orchids offer one of the largest, if not the largest variety.

There are over 30,000 species to choose from.

And, if you include hybrids, you’re looking at more than 200,000.

The key to growing orchids is knowing what to do and what not to do.

For one, they love humid environment. As such, the bathroom and kitchen are great options.

But they do adapt fairly well to different conditions which is why you’ll see them in desks and gardens.

They enjoy moderate temperatures and aren’t a fan of too much water.

Similarly, don’t place them in direct sunlight. Instead, filtered or indirect lighting works best.

The last two things are probably the biggest issues many beginners have with orchids.



The bougainvillea is perfect if you need to add some pop into any space.

These shrubs grow like vines in that they climb and cover a spot fairly well.

As such, they’re perfect for decorating or livening up any area that lacks color.

This feature also makes them great for hanging baskets, pots and ground cover.

They enjoy full sun, which is why you’ll find them in zones 9 to 11. Although, you’ll also see some in cooler places.

Angel’s Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet

These plants get their name because they resemble trumpets facing down from heaven.

Their unique look and beautiful color makes them amazing to look at.

Plus, they’re very fragrant as well.

Together, this makes them a great addition to your garden.

These are large plants that grown to around 6 to 20 feet in height. They also expand outward reaching 10 to 15 feet in width.

As such, they’re ideal for the outdoors.

But, you can bring them indoors for the winter to keep them away from cold. That’s because they prefer full sun.

That said, do use plastic or other lighter materials for their pots. This will make it easier to move this big plant.



Hibiscus are popular because they’re bright, beautiful tropical plants that do well in cooler environments.

This allows them to adapt well to zones 5 through 11. And, to a degree zone 4 as well, depending on the species.

When going with this plant, you’ll get to choose from many colors including white, yellow, red, pink, orange, purple and more.

As with most tropical flowers and plants, they do like the sun. So, bright sunlight is ideal for them along with rich soil.



Cannas are one of the best tropical plants to grow at home. They’re perfect for pots and you can plant them in the ground if you want to add color to your garden.

They’re beautiful flowers and lovely leaves make them very popular.

In addition, they’re among the easiest tropicals to grow.

You can enjoy them from zones 3 all the way to 11. This makes them location friendly since they are okay with different conditions.



Anthuriums are also known as flamingo flowers. That’s because of it’s bright, reddish color.

While red is the most popular, anthuriums also come in different varieties.

So, you’ll see white, pink and burgundy ones as well.

These plants like humid environments. They also prefer partial sun for the best results.

This makes them a easy to grown indoors since they like moderate to warm conditions.



The medinilla is native to Southeast Asia.

As such, it likes the hot and humid weather that region experiences.

This means you’ll want to keep temperatures at 50 degrees of higher.

While it does like light, it prefers it filtered as opposed to direct.

It’s origins also has allowed it to adapt conditions where it doesn’t always get a lot of water. This means you won’t need to keep watering it as often as you would other plants.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

One look and you know where it gets its name.

This is plant looks like some origami you made from colored paper as a child.

It’s fantastic look makes it stand out even among beautiful flowers.

However, the key to growing them is knowing their specific needs.

The good news is, if you live in the colder northeast region, you’ll be able to grow them in containers indoors.

Bright light is a necessity to achieve their bright colorful look.

You also want the soil to be constantly moist.

Just as importantly, keep temperature at 60 degrees or higher.



Bamboo plants are perfect for your garden if you want to add a tropical or exotic feel.

While they’re evergreen perennials that flower, they’re often mistaken for trees because of how they look.

That said, it’s important to be aware that lucky bamboos aren’t real bamboos.

They’re only called as such because their stalks resemble that of bamboo plants.

In any case, these are perfect if you have sunny areas. They grow fast and thick under a lot of light.

They also enjoy fertile, well-drained soil that is a bit acidic in pH.

That said, bamboos are resilient. This allows them to survive in different conditions.



You’ve probably sampled their fragrance in some perfumes.

That’s because Jasmines are among the best smelling plants.

This makes them a great choice for your patio, balcony or living room. Their presence alone gives the entire space a fresh aroma that’s very welcoming.

As for looks, Jasmine come with small star-shaped colored blooms. Yellow, pink and white are great choices.



This is another plant you may be familiar with.

But, they’re better known for their beauty.

The thing is, you may not know them by name. Yet, will recognize them when you see them.

That’s because mandevilla plants have become a staple in many patios and gardens.

Their blooms come in pink, red and white.

Because they’re vines, you’ll want to place them somewhere they can grow vertically. They reach anywhere from 3 to 20 feet. And, cover about as much as 20 feet in width.

The good news is that they’re low maintenance.



Yucca plants are perfect if your looking for something that’s tough.

This makes them amazing houseplants since you only need to plant them once and get years out of them. Plus, they’re very low maintenance.

They aren’t susceptible to pests, don’t require much watering and grow slowly. The latter means you don’t need to keep monitoring or pruning them in case they get too big for a room.

Like many drought-tolerant plants, yucca prefer well draining soil. They retain water fairly well so you don’t want to overwater them.

That’s the best way to kill them, since they’re less susceptible to other methods.

Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Adding palm trees to your garden is one of the quickest ways to make it look more tropical.

Do note that these are big trees. So, they’re better for the outdoors.

That said, there are some smaller species that will allow you to grow palm trees in pots indoors.

But, you’ll still need a good amount of space in your home or patio to do so.

One of the best things about palm trees is that they last for a very long time. This makes them a staple of you garden.



This is probably one that you don’t see often. That’s because it’s mostly found in zone 8 only.

That said, the flower is also grown in California and Hawaii, whose climates match the plant’s liking.

The protea traces its origins from South Africa. As such, it enjoys a warmer environment.

But, it’s one of the few tropical plants that can withstand cool conditions.


A common misconception is that you can’t grow tropical plants unless you live there.

That’s not always the case, especially because more and more species are adapting to various conditions.

That lets you the home gardener enjoy the beauty of these plants, including their big, bold colors.

What’s you’re favorite tropical plant you wish to grow?


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