19 Best Smelling Plants to Keep Your Home & Garden Fragrant All The Time


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Looking to add some flagrant flowers into your home?

Here are the best smelling plants indoors.

They are perfect if you want to freshen up your house so it always has a natural scent.

The best part about it is, they don’t only smell amazing but look great as well.




Roses will always rank among the most fragrant flowers in the world.

Of course, you also have to mention that they’re among the prettiest as well.

That’s the reason why they’re the most popular flowers people go for on Valentine’s and Mother’s day.

It’s also why they’re scent is often used in perfumes as well.

But probably the best thing about roses is that there are so many varieties around.

The red rose is by far the best known. Pink roses are likewise popular because of their lovely look.

However, if you look into them a little bit more, you’ll realize that there are so many other ones you can grow in your home and garden.




Gardenias enjoy warm weather. That’s because they are tropical in nature. And, that they originate from Asia, Africa and Madagascar.

This makes them common in zones 8 through 11.

That said, this beautiful flower is also known for its amazing fragrance.

It is why you’ll see many perfumes have its scent.

If you’ve ever grown them, you would have probably noticed that their aroma is strongest during the night time.

That’s because they’re pollinated by moths, which come out in the dark.




Jasmine is another very fragrant flower that’s perfect if you want to freshen the smell in your home and around it.

It has a sweet scent that’s also most fragrant during the night time.

Much like gardenias, jasmines are tropical plants.

As such, they also enjoy warmer climates.

And, you’ve probably seen or had perfumes that used their aroma.

However, it’s important to note that not all jasmines are fragrant. Some are, some aren’t.

So, it’s important to know before getting them.




Hyacinths are both very beautiful and unique looking.

They grow in clusters.

So, if you look from afar, they look like long, vertical clumps.

But, when you get closer, you’ll notice that they’re small flowers that are bunched up together.

Besides their unique look, they’re lovely colors and fragrance are what make them very popular.

Its smell varies depending on what stage it’s in.

When it’s beginning to bloom, it produces a light fragrance.

This intensifies when the flower stem opens up.




If you love the smell of fruits, then you’ll love the fragrance of freesias.

For me, they actually remind me of Fruit Loops. Not sure exactly why.

In any case, the white and yellow varieties are the most aromatic. Thus, they’re great choices if you enjoy their sweet smell.

That said, they’re likewise available in many other colors including pink, red and purple.

Freesias like full sun and part shade.

As such, it’s a good idea to set them beside a window if you’re growing them indoors.

Likewise, a taller vase works well to support it’s weight as its height increases.




Lavender is another beautiful looking plant with a lovely fragrance.

Its flowery smell is one of the reasons why it’s often used in essential oils.

But, unlike other aromas, it’s scent has proven health benefits as well.

This makes it useful if you want to relax, de-stress or reduce any feelings of anxiety.

Best of all, it’s very easy to grow indoors.




Iris is like some of the other flowers in the list. That is, not all of them have smell.

Add to that the fact that their iris fragrance in perfumes is different from what the actual flower smells like.

As a result, you have some people saying that “iris have no smell” or they smell different.

That said, the right varieties are the scents you want.

They have a fruit smell like jasmine does, just different.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

If you want something that has a very feminine scent, sweet peas are worth a look.

They have a floral scent that has a little bit of an edge as well.

That said these, are climbing plants that like the full sun.

They come in a variety of colors including pink, red, white, purple, white, yellow and blue.




Sampaguita is also known as Jasminum sambac.

It’s a flower that’s native to Southeast Asia and happens to the be national flower of the Philippines.

If you’re there, you can sample its aroma from street vendors who sell strings of the flower for a few bucks.

Being tropical in nature, it likes warm weather.


Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum are small flowering plants that are short in stature.

Unlike other flowers, the grow in a bunch which is why some people describe them as carpeting.

They’ll get to about 4 to 6 inches tall and cover around 6 to 9 inches in breadth.

That said, they’re both lovely to look at. And, fragrant as well.

They like full sun and partial shade.


Four O’Clock

Four O’Clock

Four O’Clocks are another plant that may have no smell at all. That’s because they’re strong, sweet aroma comes out when then open.

This makes them different from other flowers that may always be fragrant.

They get their name because the bloom during the afternoon and onwards through the night.

Four O’Clocks are perfect if you’re looking for plants with lovely flowers, lots of colors and a wonderful smell.

It’s worth noting that butterflies and hummingbirds like four o’clocks.




If you want something that’s more mild, then you may consider the daphne.

Their delicate scent is a combination of spice and sweet.

This makes it seem like a soft perfume that’s pleasing on the senses.

Unfortunately, the beauty and fragrance if matched by their poisonous nature. Every part of the plant is toxic. So, it’s important to keep them away from young children or pets.




Lilacs are bold in every sense of the word.

Their bright, lovely colors make them unmissable. And, their intense fragrance lets you notice them as well.

These beautiful shrubs like a lot of sunlight.

But beyond that, they’re very easy to grow. They likewise require little maintenance which makes them favorites among gardeners.


Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Looking for something on the romantic or even sexy end?

The lily of the valley gives you a lovely feminine, fresh floral scent that’s perfect for that.

Its not overpowering. And, it’s fairly light.

Both features make it very enticing.

It’s a prime example that big things come in small packages.

You probably wouldn’t have guessed that the tiny bell-shaped blooms would have such a fragrance.

That said, so be aware that it’s highly poisonous.




The nicotiana is better known as the tobacco plant.

That’s because the it is where tobaccos are processed from.

But, by looking at them, you probably wouldn’t have guessed.

Nicotianas are flowering plants that have lovely 5 petal blooms.

Their fragrance won’t give you any hint of the smoke smelling byproducts as well. That’s because they produce a nice, leafy, very pleasing smell that non-smokers will enjoy.

I for one was surprised to how different the fragrance is. And, nice is was.




You’ve probably smelt its scent in some of the most popular perfumes.

Ylang-ylang is one of the primary tones found in many well-known fragrances including Chanel No. 5.

Unfortunately, the plant itself has been overshadowed by its smell and use.

Besides perfumes, it’s also widely used as an essential oil.

That’s because it’s been said to help you relax, reduce blood pressure and kill bacteria.

As a result, the ylang-ylang is better known for its medicinal properties and fragrance.




The phlox is very popular with gardeners for good reason.

It’s a bright and beautiful plant that can instantly bring any garden to life.

Add to that its long blooming period and longevity.

Plus, it’s easy to grow.

Of course, there’s the wonderful fragrance as well.




If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, then you’re likely familiar with this lovely flower.

Plumerias are when often used to make leis that the locals will sling over your neck to greet.

In addition to their beauty, there’s also their wonderful fragrance.

However, their scent is very unique.

That’s because different varieties of plumeria have different aromas.

Some smell like citrus. Others are more similar to jasmine. Yet, there are some that smell like peaches.

So, it’s always a lovely adventure with them.




Honeysuckle is another fragrant plant that’s more known for its medicinal uses.

Just about all the parts of the flower are used including the seeds, leaves and flowers.

It’s been used for relieving inflammation, digestive issues, bacterial infections, respiratory problems.



Besides being lovely to look at, many plants are amazing because of their fragrance.

Adding them to your garden instantly makes it smell fresher.

You can likewise bring them indoors to make your home very aromatic.

What kind of scent do you like the most?


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