9 Best Bathroom Plants for Your Home

Best Bathroom Plants for Your Home

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You’ve probably wondered why some homes and offices have plants in their bathrooms. Why bother putting them there?

While it may seem impractical, it actually makes a lot of sense to add plants indoors, even in your shower or bathroom. For one, they help freshen the air. And, if there’s anywhere in the home where air quality and odors are present, it’s often your bathroom. In addition to this, plants also liven you up and help reduce stress.

So, if that has you convinced, here are the best bathroom plants that thrive in dark, humid areas.


Best Bathroom Plants for Your Home

1. Orchids

orchidsOrchids are beautiful and add color to your home. They’re great to have outdoors as well as indoors. While they’re not the easiest plants to grow, they thrive in warm and damp environments. This makes bathrooms ideal for them.

In addition, because they grow on barks not soil, they’re easier to position indoors.

If you do decide to grow orchids in your bathroom, do make sure to have bright, filtered light from the window coming through. These tropical plants require light to grow.


2. Begonias

begoniaBegonias are another bright, lovely plant you can enjoy in your bathroom. They’re a better alternative to orchids especially if your bath doesn’t have windows.

Begonias don’t require natural light. In fact, they do better with fluorescent lighting. They also enjoy warm and humid condition. All together, these features make them ideal for indoor gardens.


3. Aloe Vera

aloe veraWell-known for its health and beauty applications, aloe vera is another plant that does well indoors. It doesn’t have the pretty, bright flowers than orchids or begonias do. But, the plant does give your home’s décor another dimension.

While it does need sunlight, the aloe vera plant is also sensitive to too much sun. This can burn its leaves. Thus, making the indirect light indoors a better option.

They’re also a good choice if you don’t like to do a lot of maintenance. They require little care and can survive very well. You also don’t need to water it a lot. The humid bathroom environment reduces this even further as it can get water from the moisture in these conditions.


4. Bamboo

bambooVery strong and sturdy, bamboo is wonderful to grow because it gives your home a more rustic feel. The plant is also very resilient making it easy to grow just about anywhere.

Bamboo plants don’t require a lot of caring to grow. They don’t need a lot of light or soil. All you need are some water and pebble and they’ll quickly grow.


5. Ferns

fernIf you prefer more leaves to flowers, then ferns are a great option. They’re very popular indoor plants because they survive well in your home.

Ferns come in many varieties. So, you do need to choose the ones that you like. The one thing they have in common is that they can withstand temperature changes quite well.

This makes the bathroom environment perfect for them. In addition, they thrive on humidity. In fact, they use it to get water from the moisture created in this type of environment.

Depending on whether you bathroom has a window or not, you will need to choose the right type of fern for it. Some fern require bright light while others grow well on indirect or even artificial lighting.


6. Cast Iron Plant

cast iron plantSuper resilient, the cast iron plant is ideal for beginner green thumbs or if you don’t have time to tend to your plants.

It gets its name from its ability to survive even when neglected. It won’t die even if you don’t take care of it or water it for a long time.

The plant also tolerates high and low temperatures without a problem. And, it survives with little light.

Simple, green and nice to look at, this is a great addition to office, bathroom and apartments.


7. Peperomia

peperomiaThe peperomia is also known as the radiator plant. You’ve probably seen them in homes without knowing it.

The plant is very popular in homes because it is lovely to look at and doesn’t require a lot of watering. It is also small which makes it perfect for apartments or homes with tight spaces.

They’re available in many variations, you’ll see peperomias in a wide variety of colors. They’re leaves also come in lovely shapes making them very nice indoor décor.


8. Spider Plant

spider plantFor a different look, try the spider plant. Often housed in small pots, these plants are lovely to look at and give you bathroom a different look.

Although, one of its biggest benefits is its ability to clean the air. This makes it perfect for bathroom which often have toxic air after use or flushing.

The spider plant does well with little light and loves the humidity in your bathroom.


9. Gardenias

gardeniaGardenias are another beautiful flower plant that you can grow in your bathroom. Like orchids and begonias, they’re great for decorative purposes and to liven up any indoor space.

Unlike many of the other more resilient species on our list, gardenias are more temperamental. They’re not well-suited to sudden changes or extreme temperatures. But, they do like humidity.

This makes them something you can add to your bathroom with caution.


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