21 Stunning Balcony Garden Ideas & Designs

Flowers in Vases

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Can you create grow a garden on your balcony?

Why, yes you can.

In this article, you’ll see amazing balcony garden ideas that transform small concrete spaces into a nature-filled oasis.

The best part is, it will just be a few steps away from your living room.

Here are some designs that will inspire you.

21 Small Balcony Garden Ideas Perfect for Tight Spaces

21 Beautiful Balcony Garden Ideas & Designs for Inspiration

Vertical Wood Pallet Lighting

Balcony Ideas

This is perfect for any balcony with little space.

It lets you create extra room by going up.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

The container design as well as the lighting not only let you grow plants they also improve the overall look of your balcony.

Hanging Pots

Small Balcony Design Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of space on the ground, why not look above.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that you can hang plants.

Maybe because we’re used to seeing plants grow from the ground.

As such, it become second nature to put them there.

This lovely potted chain idea let you grow a ‘vertical’ container garden even when you’re short on space.

Wooden Planters

Wooden Planters

Planters are a great way to organize your plants.

They’re also wonderful aesthetically.

Plus, you get to decide what kind of planters you want.

In this case, its large wooden ones.

There are great because you can space them out so as not to cramp the balcony.

And, you can stack them over one another as well.

Wall Garden

Wall Garden

This is another version of a wall garden.

Once again, it’s perfect for small balconies. Or, if you don’t have a lot of room left for your garden.

That said, the design gives you more of a jungle vibe.

That’s because of the way the plants are organized. And, also the choice of plants used.

Romantic Balcony Garden

Small Balcony Design Ideas

If you love spending time in your balcony for breakfast or romantic dinners, this is a great way to make it even better.

Adding some garden features not only livens up a modern space, it also makes it more cozy.

Corner Garden

Balcony Decorating Ideas

One of the best things about gardens is that they can take any shape or form.

They also don’t need to be huge to catch your eye.

This is a perfect example.

Placing the plants in one corner in a neat fashion draws attention to them. It also reduces the space they take up.

This works really well for small balconies.

Comfy Balcony Garden

Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspiration

If you want to have a comfort haven to escape to while you’re in an urban environment, this is the way to do it.

It’s perfect for when stress or overwhelm starts creeping in.

You can just step in there and immediately be surrounded by nature.

And, for a moment, get away so you can gather yourself and relax.

Bamboo Walls

Bamboo Walls

This lovely balcony garden is probably one of the simplest setups.

Yet, it’s fantastically elegant.

Proving once again that less can be more.

I love how the bamboo provide the backdrop. And, in doing so, they’ instantly change the feel from a very modern, urban one to more homey.

Zen Garden

Zen Garden Balcony

You can likewise have your own zen garden on your balcony.

This is a wonderful place to just chill or even meditate.

That’s one of the things I love most about nature.

In an instant, they can transform how you feel.

And, just by stepping out onto your balcony, you get get away from the daily stresses of life. Even just for a few moments a day.

Container Balcony Garden

Container Balcony Garden

This is a lovely container garden arrangement that shows you how pots can save space.

Instead of taking up the entire floor area of your balcony, you can position them in all sorts of ways to free up room.

Just here, you’ll see a few.

There’s the wall garden

The containers stacked over one another on the shelves.

And, finally, those on the railings.

Balcony Railing Gardens

Balcony Railing Gardens

Speaking of railings, they’re a great way to not only enjoy the garden yourself. But, also let others appreciate it.

This works especially well if for lower story balconies since people can easily see the flowers and plants.

All too often, we forget that our garden isn’t only for us.

Instead, it’s for everyone to enjoy.

This is one way to do that.

Hanging Pot

Hanging Pots Balcony

In the garden, hanging pots aren’t very common.

That’s because you have a lot of space on the ground.

But indoors, on your balcony, patio or deck, it’s another story.

That’s where positioning they high up becomes an advantage.

Hanging plants are perfect if you don’t have a lot of room in your balcony. This frees up space for you walk around or place furniture.

Flower Pot Wall

Flower Pot Wall

You’ve seen a few wall gardens in our list.

But, what about one that houses flower pots for your plants.

The These containers let you grow different plants, flowers and herbs. Plus, the pots themselves can be designed to make you feel more at home as well.

Relaxing Balcony Garden

Relaxing Balcony Garden

This spa-like balcony gives you an amazing retreat just outside your home.

It’s lets you step into a relaxing environment without having to deal with traffic.

All it takes is a little planning.

Admittedly, it takes a little more work to decorate everything from floor to the walls. But, it’ll well be worth it when you’re done.

Flower Balcony Garden

Flower Balcony Garden

Flowers, flowers and more flowers.

That’s the theme of this romantic garden balcony.

Who says you need to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy an intimate dinner with your special someone.

All you need are the right flowers and a supporting cast of container plants.

And, you’re ready to go.

Flowers in Vases

Flowers in Vases

Ditch the traditional vases and flower pots and go with something more unconventional.

That’s the case here.

The vases look more like those you used in chemistry class as opposed to the ceramic vases or pottery.

I also, like how you’re able to see through the glass. Something that you can’t do with conventional flower containers.

Modern Balcony Garden

Modern Balcony Garden

This idea is definitely more modern.

Nevertheless, the plants still stand out.

They give the modern furniture color and life.

And, by placing them apart, you break up any monotonous patterns.

Wood Themed Balcony Garden

Wood Themed Balcony Garden (1)

This one’s all about using wood.

From the wall to the table and the seating. All are made from lovely wood furnishing that’s perfectly matched with while-colored items.

Of course, the plants make a lovely complement with wood. They’re a combination we’re used to seeing in nature with trees.

Wall-to-Wall Balcony Garden

Wall-to-Wall Balcony Garden

I’ll admit, this one’s a little bit tight.

But that’s also what makes it extremely homey.

While many homes now use modern designs that look more formal, it’s not always the way to go.

One great alternative is going with the cozy, homey feel. That’s what you see here.

And, it works great.

Classy Wooden Wall Plants

Classy Wooden Wall Plants

Hanging plants in small container against a wooden backdrop never fails.

You’ve seen that above.

But this time, the wood comes with a darker finish.

This accentuates the plants, and the white containers they come with.

Once again, simple. Yet, it’s very classy.

Private Balcony Garden

Private Balcony Garden

Privacy anyone?

If you want extra privacy you can set up blinds.

But, add something to cover up the dullness of the blinds.

That’s where the the flowers come in.

They break the pattern. And, give you extra color as well.


Gardens come in all shapes and sizes.

That’s what’s great about them.

It doesn’t really matter how much or how little space you have. Instead, ask yourself how you can use the space that’s in front of you.

Above, you’ve seen how even the smallest of balconies can be transformed into a green wonderland.

Even if you’re in the middle of the city.

What plants do you grow in your balcony? Let me know below.


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