17 Memorable Backyard Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day


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Don’t want a traditional wedding?

Check out these gorgeous backyard wedding ideas.

They’re perfect for getting hitched in a more intimate setting.

And, because of the limited size, it forces you to invite only those closest to you.

This makes the event more memorable and personal.

For Large Backyard Weddings

Backyard Wedding Ideas

If you have a large reception in your backyard, this is a great way to go.

The table settings are so well organized.

And, they’re well made.

This makes it look more formal since everything’s very uniform.

Of course, this is only way way to go.

Personalized Mason Jars

Backyard Wedding decor Ideas

I love the creative spin on things.

And, instead of having giveaways that look so formal, these are so much more personal.

Mason jars are amazing because they not only look good, but also let you design and customize them.

Reception by the Pool

Wedding decoration Ideas

If you have a pool, here’s another way to take advantage of it.

Swimming pools make for a great backdrop because of the water.

While it’s not easy to decorate them, you can work around them.

The Dance Floor

Backyard Wedding design

A well-lit wooden platform is a perfect dance floor.

This sure beats dancing on the grass which isn’t much fun in your dress shoes and high heels.

The lights are definitely a must.

And, I love string lights for this occasion.

They’re set a more romantic mood compared to spot lights.

For Your Photos

Backyard Wedding decorations

Rustic and personal is definitely a lovely way to display photos.

It’s simple, yet it conveys a message of closeness.

The personalize touch makes it something that everyone can relate to.

The white cloth and mini greenhouse are nice touches as well.

Lovely String Lights

Lovely String Lights

String lights are amazing because you can use them for design as well.

In this wedding setting, they’re so well paired with candles to create the perfect ambience.

While the photo was taken around sunset, you can already imagine how gorgeous the lights will look come night time.

Barrel Tables

Barrel Tables

One way to dictate the atmosphere of a wedding it to use the right furniture.

In combination with the right surroundings, you’re able to change the mood and feel of the entire wedding.

That’s what these barrel tables do.

They do away with the traditional formal wedding and make things more personal.

S’mores By The Fire Pit

Smores By The Fire Pit

This is a fun way for guests to hang out once the sun goes down.

They can sit around the fire pit and have some S’mores.

It’s a perfect way to end the day as everyone can finally let loose and relax after months of preparation and stress.

The BarThe Bar

What a cool way to serve drinks at a wedding.

This is so different from the usual indoor bar.

It’s also something that will make your wedding more memorable.

Everyone will surely remember having to walk to this round table bar in the middle of the yard to get their drinks.

Seating Chart – Window Style

Seating Chart - Window Style

Sure, you can have the usual registry style seating chart where people tell you where to go.

But what’s the fun in that.

Why not take your guests through the adventure of finding their own tables.

And, figuring out who they’re sitting with.

The window pane is a lovely way of putting up the seating chart so everyone knows where to go.

Lovely Flowers Along the Aisle

Lovely Flowers Along the Aisle

In the backyard, you won’t have the posts and pillars that most church weddings have.

But, you’ll have other ways to decorating the space.

Here’s a great wedding decor idea that’s super simply.

Yet, it makes such a big difference.

And, I’m fairly sure all the guests will notice it.

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging Lanterns

Night time often poses a problem for outdoor weddings.

That’s because you can’t just switch on the lights like you would in the ballroom or any indoor venue.

So, you need to plan the lighting carefully.

This way all corners are well-lit enough without being overly lighted.

Otherwise, it can destroy the ambience of the outdoor night.

That said, lanterns hanging from trees and other items are a great way to add decorative lighting in the right places.

The Dinner Table

The Dinner Table

Here’s a lovely outdoor wedding dinner table idea.

It has all the elements you’d expect when dining at the reception.

But, with a few modifications that make it more personal and cozy.

That’s one of the things that backyard weddings have over the formal ones help in indoor venues and hotels.

You’ve got the homey feel that lets you feel closer to the people in attendance.

Rustic Centerpiece

Rustic Centerpiece

I love this centerpiece.

Sure, you can go with some traditional flower settings.

But, this is something that is truly unique.

The candle-lit lamp that comes with some DIY designs on the base.

And, it’s surrounded by leaves and other artifacts that let you know you’re surrounded by nature.

The Kids’ Table

The Kids Table

For the kids, it’s always nice to add a touch of fun and color.

This will let them feel at home.

I remember not having a lot of fun at weddings as a child because everything was so formal.

And because of that, my parents reminded me to be on my best behavior.

That’s just no fun, right?

Well, here’s one way to make it feel less formal.



Simple, yet very elegant and stylish.

This backyard wedding idea just shows you that you don’t need a lot of fancy seating.

It’s neat, well-lit and organized.

That’s all it takes.

Wine and Cocktails, Anyone?

Wine and Cocktails, Anyone

This is such a creative way to keep the wine glasses.

The ladder is perfect for holding everything.

All it needed is a little DIY modification that attaches the wooden planks to the old ladder.

And voila!

You’ve got something new and unique that no one has every seen before.

Best of all, it looks amazing.


Backyard weddings are awesome because they’re more personal.

And, they’re more intimate as well.

Of course, they’re much cheaper that large weddings that are held in churches and hotels.

If you’re thinking of one, I hope these ideas will give you inspiration for your own.

What’s your dream wedding?


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