19 Backyard Vegetable Garden Ideas

Raised Vegetable Garden

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Looking for some backyard vegetable garden ideas?

Here are some amazing ways you can grown an edible garden.

And space really shouldn’t be an issue.

In fact, if you look at the designs below, you’ll see all sorts of layouts.

Plus, thanks to containers like pots and planters you’ll be able to set up your garden in all sorts of landscapes including your fence, walls and other man-made objects.

Check them out and see which ones fit your backyard the best.

Cinder Block Edible Garden

Small vegetable garden ideas

One way to make up for a small garden is to take advantage of vertical space.

In this case, it’s put implementing a creative cinder block wall.

By positioning them in different ways, you’re able to use the cinder blocks as planters.

This gives you a ton of extra room to grow your garden.

After all you’ll likely have at least 2 sides (walls) to work with.

And, you can build your walls as high as you want.

DIY Window Pane Vegetable Garden

Small vegetable garden plans

This is one you won’t see every day.

In fact, you’ll never see one like it.

It’s perfect if you don’t have garden space or a backyard.

Similarly, it works if you live in a high-rise apartment or condo.

The best part about this window pane vegetable garden is that you can use it two ways.

When it’s closed it works like a vertical garden against your window.

When you open it and let it down, you’ll have a super cool “floating” garden.

Vertical Pallet Garden

Backyard Vegetable Garden Ideas

Besides your windows, another place you can set up a vertical garden is your home’s walls.

The trick is to figure out how to hang the containers. Or, set it up so you have somewhere to place the soil for the plants.

This is where an old pallet can come in handy.

What’s great about pallets is that most of us have them lying around from some old delivery.

So, they’re free.

Plus, their spaced out design gives you a lot of room to insert the plants.

DIY Vegetable Garden Table

diy Small vegetable garden ideas

You can likewise use a table or a tray to set up your garden.

This lets you work above the ground, which helps a lot if you have a bad back or knees.

Another advantage of placing them above the ground is that people don’t step on them.

It’s really irritating when someone steps on them or things get dropped on plants.

At times, animals can mess up your garden as well.

This way, it’s high above and away from risk.

Dog House Veggie Garden

Dog House Veggie Garden

This is a cool, multipurpose setup.

You’ve got a dog house and a mini garden above it.

This lets you save space as you’re able to use the same area for two things.

That said, the space on top of the dog house is somewhat limited.

So, you’ll want to choose the right plants to put there.

Raised Vegetable Garden

Raised Vegetable Garden

This is one way to organize your garden.

It works especially well for vegetable gardens so you can grow each veggie properly.

That said, it works just as well with flower beds and other plants.

The trick is to know how much soil to have in order to allow for enough room for the root system to develop.

Recycled Drawers

Recycled Drawers

This is one of my favorites.

It’s super creative.

I mean who would’ve thought to use old drawers to grow your plants in?

This lets you use space that’s above the ground. And, you’ve got an conversational piece as well when guests come over.

Stacked Vegetable Garden

Stacked Vegetable Garden

If you’ve got some old tray or cabinet where you can stack objects on top on one another, use it.

This gives you thrice as much space because you make good use of the space up.

Of course, you’ll need to use some kind of container.

If you’re planting a few species, you can use long containers so each row gets one kind of plant.

But if you want more variety, smaller pots and containers is the way to go.

Upside Down Tomatoes

Upside Down Tomatoes

One cool way to grow tomatoes is hang them upside down.

It works just as well.

And, it make it easier to harvest the tomatoes when it’s time.

This allows you to grow more vegetables in your garden since you’re freeing up space.

Vegetable Cart

Vegetable Cart

This is another table/cart vegetable garden.

This cart works extremely well because it’s really wide.

Plus, it’s trough is deep.

The depth gives your plants’ roots a lot of room to develop.

Glass House Garden

Glass House Garden

This is a super cool way to grow a garden.

It lets you control the environment inside the house.

And, you’re also able to protect your plants from harsh winds and rains.

Hanging Wall Cans

Hanging Wall Cans

We’ve all got spare cans we don’t use anymore.

In all likelihood, you probably throw away the cans after you’ve emptied the contents for cooking.

Whether it was fresh tomatoes or spaghetti sauce, you can reuse those giant cans.

Just hang them up on the wall and grow your container vegetable garden in them.

Wire Frame Green House

Wire Frame Green House

Another way of using s house it to create a frame.

This wire frame provides your plants a structure to follow.

It also gives them support as they grow.

Wall Hanging Basket

Wall Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are great because they’re not just functional, they’re also lovely to look at.

Hanging your vegetables keeps them away from all the pests and critters on the ground.

Plus, the basket allows for excess moisture to drain.

Garden Squares

Garden Squares

If you’re growing an edible garden, odds are you won’t need a ton of the same kind of vegetable.

This is one way to make the best use of space.

It allows you to grow different kinds of veggies together.

This way, you’re able to grow enough of what you need.

For the veggies you consume more of, you can use two or three boxes instead of just one.

Table Gardening

Table Gardening

This is a more formal table garden.

But, it uses the same concept as the more rustic one above.

Tables are great because you can put dividers in them.

So, each long table can house a few kinds of veggies depending on how much you enjoy eating them.

Vertical Screen Garden

Vertical Screen Garden

Screens are one of the most underrated tools in the backyard.

Besides fencing things in or out, you can use it to hang other objects.

Of course, the heavier the object, the more support you’ll need to put for it.

That’s the case here.

But, the screen gives you the foundation where you can set up a vertical garden.

Vegetable Garden Beds

Vegetable Garden Beds

Garden beds are lovely to look at because they make everything so organized.

This backyard vegetable gardening idea is perfect if you’re homesteading or want to eliminate the need to go buy veggies from the supermarket.

Chain Planters

Chain Planters

In addition to walls, you can likewise create your own vertical structure to hold your garden.

That’s what’s happening here.

The steel posts are set up specifically for holding up the veggie garden.

And, you’ve got chains coming down the sides.

The chains are genius because they’re strong yet inexpensive.

Plus, the holes in the chains let you easily hold the boxes in place.


As you can see, there are so many ways you can set up your own backyard vegetable garden.

The key is figuring out where you want to put it.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, it’s really up to your creativity.

Which vegetable garden did you like the most?


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