23 Natural DIY Backyard Pond Ideas You Can Create Yourself

backyard pond designs

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Want to build your own pond but don’t know how?

Here are some beautiful backyard pond ideas, plans and designs that you can follow.

They’ll show you how to create your own water feature in your garden or beside your home step by step.

Look through them.

Choose one you like and get started.

DIY Pond

DIY Pond

If you tell your friends this was your DIY backyard pond project, they probably wouldn’t believe you, right?

But, guest what, you can follow the tutorial and create one just like it.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic.

What makes this DIY pond so great is the rock formation. So, it’s important to plan before putting everything together.

Pond with Waterfall

Backyard Pond Ideas

Here’s another one that’s just as amazing.

This one is a slightly smaller pond.

But, it still has a waterfall.

As such, it’s perfect if you don’t have as much space in your yard. Or. If you don’t want to dig as deep.

Multi Flowing Waterfalls

backyard pond designs

Another option to creating large ponds is to have a shallower one.

And, focus more on the water features up above.

This is one awesome example.

You see a lot of flowing water on top. The pond itself is a little smaller. Yet, the rocks around it give it a lot of character.

DIY Backyard Pond

diy backyard pond ideas

This is slightly less elaborate.

But, just as fascinating.

Instead of using a lot of smaller rocks, or pile them up on top of one another, this one has flat slabs.

This makes it look simpler.

However, you get to focus more on the pond itself as well as the plant life.

DIY Natural Pond

backyard pond plans

If you’re starting out and don’t want to go overly elaborate in the beginning, here’s a good one to start with.

This is a good beginner pond as it shows you the basics.

It also lets you understand the concepts that are required in creating a pond.

This gives you the foundation to make more complex ones with more features later on.

Indoor Pond & Garden

diy backyard pond plans

If you have a greenhouse or an indoor area with a lot of plants, you can set up a pond like this.

This water feature runs through your garden more like a river.

There’s a small water source at the end which allows everything to keep moving.

This lets you have the perfect nature getaway just outside your home.

You can step in there an enter into another world.

Garden Pond with Deck

how to build your own DIY pond

Should you want something more flashy, this is a good option.

I love the how the deck puts emphasis on the pond.

The wooden layout complements the water so well that it allows you to add  section of its own in your backyard.

All in all, this is perfect if you don’t want to do a lot of pond maintenance work.

DIY Fish Pond

how to build your own DIY backyard pondHere’s

Another wonderful DIY garden pond tutorial.

This time, it doesn’t use a waterfall.

Instead, you’ve got a man-made mini fountain, which I really like.

The fountain, in combination with the large rocks make this pond different from the others.

It also makes it easier to fix in case the water source becomes inconsistent.

Pond and Water Garden

Pond and Water Garden

If you’ve got a weekend to spare and want to upgrade your backyard, here’s a project you can try.

It looks a lot more daunting than it is.

That’s because the end result looks amazing.

That said, the tutorial takes you through each of the steps.

This way, you can prepare and get the equipment ready beforehand.

Doing so lets you focus on building the pond come weekend.

Modern Stone Pond

indoor pond

Ponds are great when they’re set in nature.

That’s because it’s their natural habitat.

But, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful pond if you don’t have a large garden.

Here’s one “almost” indoor pond that’s totally man-made.

Yet, it’s phenomenal to look at.

The nicely manicured steps make a foot bridge. Meanwhile, the rocks in the pond are set up with good spacing.

Mini Backyard Pond

Mini Backyard Pond

This is a smaller pond.

It’s perfect for smaller spaces.

As you can see, it uses a combination of tubs filled with water to produce the mimic the look of a natural pond.

That’s the basic concept of most of the DIY backyard ponds around.

Concrete Pond

Concrete Pond

You’ve probably seen something like this in some of the homes featured in the movies.

A large rectangular pond whose border is made from large concrete blocks.

What makes this pond stand out is both what’s inside and around it.

Both of which are plant life.

But, in different forms.

DIY Wildlife Pond

DIY Wildlife Pond

This is as natural a pond as you get.

The key to making this pond work is to set it up correctly.

That’s all covered in the tutorial, including how to measure the size of the pond.

After creating the water formation, it’s likewise to surround it with colorful plant life.

This makes it’s more appealing visually.

Recycled Tire Pond

Recycled Tire Pond

If no one told you that this pond was made using recycled tractor tires, you probably would have never guessed it.

The tires make up the circles that form the ponds.

But, the end result is so well done that you’d never know that was the case.

This is a lovely pond that’s covered with rocks.

Of course, you can add more grass and flowers around it if you wanted to as well.

Stone Pond

Stone Pond

Simple, yet lovely.

Here, it’s all about the stone border, the pond and the floating plants.

That’s all you really need to make a great pond.

You can add some fish if you want.

But, not all ponds always need fish.

That said, this pond is something you can incorporate into your backyard.

Raised Backyard Pond

Raised Backyard Pond

Here’s another man-made water feature.

Once again, this pond looks just as great as a natural ones.

Which one you choose will ultimately depend on the design of your home, garden or backyard.

That’s because you want your pond to match its surroundings.

It would be weird to have a modern stone pond with a rustic home and vice versa, right?

Contemporary Garden Water Feature

Contemporary Garden Water Feature

Here’s another classy looking stone pond that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

This makes it perfect if you want to add a water feature but want to limit its size or the amount of water you use.

The best part, it’s DIY.

So, you can actually set aside a weekend to get it done.

This lets you work on your home, make it look better and add a new feature to it as well.

Pond Waterfall

Pond Waterfall

This DIY pond design proves that you don’t always have to set up your pond in the yard or garden.

You can do it right beside your home much like flower beds.

All you need is a little space and creativity.

Here, the rock pile makes the entire pond look bigger.

It does so by giving it more depth.

Additionally, the shape of the pond is longer than it is wide. This lets you extend the pond and keep it narrow to reduce total space.

All in all, you’d be surprised that you can easily build this pond by following the step by step tutorial.

Zen Pond in Front of Your Home

Zen Pond in Front of Your Home

This is another example of a pond that’s set beside your home.

But this time, it’s set against a walking path as well.

This design allows you to put the pond in front, side or right behind your home.

As such, you get the option to choose where it’s best suited.

That said, the best thing I like about this pond idea is how it sets the mood.

The way the trees are trimmed, the rocks and lighting give you a sense of calmness.

DIY Natural Backyard Pond

DIY Natural Backyard Pond

I love this pond for so many reasons.

But, the biggest one is that it makes your home seem like it’s floating or just on top of the water.

How great is that?

The pond itself is so natural looking that you’d never guess your created it yourself.

Pond with Deck

Pond with Deck

This is one of the most creative ideas I’ve seen.

Not only do you have one pond flowing into another, you also have them inside the deck.

I’m fairly sure you don’t see this every day.

And, there aren’t going to be many people around who have something like this.

Decorative Pond

Decorative Pond

Here’s another DIY pond you can set in the middle of your yard.

This time, it’s the plants in the pond make it shine.

The stone border also offers a nice contrast to the water.

But, it’s the plant life that steals the show in this design.

Backyard Pond

Backyard Pond

This is a lovely backyard pond that’s full of live.

The combination of the water, fish and green plant life make this one of the most beautiful ponds in the list.

That said, it just goes to show that adding trees, shrubs and bushes around a pond only enhances it.


Ponds are a wonderful addition to your backyard.

They add another natural feature that makes your garden or yard look better.

Plus, it lets you add fish and other plants as well.

Hopefully, the pond ideas and designs above help you find something that works for you home.

Which one is your favorite?


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