21 Eye-Catching Backyard Lighting Ideas

Backyard Lighting Ideas

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Looking for creative ways to brighten up your backyard at night?

Check out these stunning backyard light ideas and designs.

Some are simple, others are a little more elaborate.

But, they’re all gorgeous, especially when you turn them on once it’s dark.

They will instantly transform your yard, patio or garden into something special.

Coffee Can Lanterns

Backyard Lighting Ideas

This is one of the most creative ways to add lovely lights to your backyard.

Plus, it’s cheap.

And, you get to make your own designs too!

What’s better than that.

All you need are old cans and a hammer.

Yes, you will be doing some pounding to create the holes.

Just follow the easy DIY tutorial here and you’ll have new backyard lighting decor in no time.

DIY Outdoor Chandelier

diy Backyard Lighting Ideas

Here’s another unique creation that’s very simple to make.

This time, you’ll be using string lights.

And, be creating hanging lanterns that collectively become a chandelier.

Once again, the tutorial guides you through each of the steps.

Solar Cedar Path Light

Backyard Lighting projects

I love these path lights because they look amazing.

Of course, they’re very functional as well.

You will need a saw and power tools to do this project. That’s because you’ll be cutting plywood and drilling holes.

That said, basic carpentry skill is enough to complete the entire light project.

DIY Plastic Bottle Lights

garden Lighting Ideas

If you prefer something more decorative, here’s a great idea.

You’ll be using old plastic bottles.

And, cutting them up to create the design.

This gives lets you show off your creative ability since you’ll be able to carve the shape you want.

The best part is that the DIY project is quite simple to do.

Just follow the steps in the tutorial.

Cracked Log

garden Lighting projects

This is one of my favorites.

It’s so unique.

And, it’ll make people take notice.

There’s no way that your guests won’t compliment you for these.

What’s great about is it not only looks beautiful, it comes with a curiosity factor as well.

I’m fairly sure anyone who sees it will ask you how it works, right?

Rope Lights for Pathways

diy Backyard Lighting projects

If you want a crowd pleaser, look no further than this.

This DIY  outdoor lighting project may be simple.

But, it’s end result will make people notice.

In addition to making people say “Wow!” I do love that it’s very functional as well.

The lights help you keep areas outside well lighted.

Floating Balls

Floating Balls

This is another cool one.

You’ll be able to position the light balls anywhere, even in the pool.

And, they change colors too (if you want them to).

These are a fun way to light up spaces outdoors.

DIY Inverted Hanging Baskets

DIY Inverted Hanging Baskets

I really like these because they’re very practical.

They’re simple to create as well.

And, you get to choose the design.

The hanging baskets allow you to keep light in a certain area. These are perfect for lighting tables or walls.

And, because you get to pick out the cover, you can create different kinds easily.

Wine Bottle Lights

Wine Bottle Lights

If you have some old wine bottles you don’t need anymore, try these out.

These are a fun DIY project you can do in the weekend.

You will need a few items including couplings and hex nuts.

So, it’s a good idea to take note of them and buy them in advance before you start the project.

Solar Fairy Dust Balls

Solar Fairy Dust Balls

These floating dust balls are gorgeous at night.

They’re add a magical feel thanks to the way they light up.

I do like that they’re solar powered.

That means you don’t have to worry about having to plug them in. Or, spend more on electricity to keep them running.

Glow in the Dark Planters

Glow in the Dark Planters

Should you want something that provides more light, these planters are perfect.

They’ll very visually appealing as well.

I love these planters because they’re both decorative pieces and lighting fixtures.

Many backyard lighting setups are one or the other.

But this one gives you both.

Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights

This design is actually a combination of 3 components:

  • Overhead string lights
  • Hanging lanterns
  • Solar light posts

Each on their own they look great.

But together, they give you something wonderful.

They also have the ability to light up an entire area. This makes them perfect for when you have guests.

DIY Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

DIY Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

This name of this project is somewhat deceiving.

It leads you to believe that you’ll be creating a lighting fixture that looks like a tuna can.

But, the tuna can is just the base.

Instead, you’ll have a lovely looking lantern that can stand alone, or be placed on a table top.

DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torches

DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Here’s a fun one!

But, you do need to be a little careful since you’ll be dealing with fire.

The good news is, they’re very easy to create.

And, you’ll be able to make a few of them in less than an hour.

Purple Hanging Lanterns

Purple Hanging Lanterns

If you want to take your visitors to a whole new world when they sit in your backyard or patio, this is one way to do it.

These lights are awesome!

They’ve got a lovely shape and design to them.

Plus, they’re purple.

It’s not everyday that purple lights work well. But these do.

Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lights

This lovely DIY project uses string lights and mason jars.

And, by hanging them altogether, you create a unique look.

This gives you a beautiful decorative piece that only you have.

DIY Dandelion Paper Lanterns

DIY Dandelion Paper Lanterns

Looking from afar, you’d never think that these were made from paper.

But, they are.

And, they’re beautiful because of it.

The thin sheet of paper gives you a little but of translucence. And, the strategically placed holes allow for light to pass through.

The best part about them is you can customize them as much or as little as you want.

You can change the colors and design patterns as well.

Overhead Hanging Lights

Overhead Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are very common.

So, the trick to making them shine is how you put them together.

And this is one way that’s awesome.

The lights are no doubt, the star of this setting.

That’s because you use the right kind of bulbs and positioned them correctly.

DIY Outdoor Standing Lanterns

DIY Outdoor Standing Lanterns

This one was created during the holiday season.

So, they’ve got the Christmas feel.

But, you can modify them a little to fit all year round.

That said, it’s the tall lights that make these lanterns amazing.

Better yet, they’re DIY.

So, you can follow the steps and make them yourself.

Cupcake Lights

Cupcake Lights

Who would have thought that cupcake tin liners would take your backyard lights to the next level?

This is among the simplest of all the lighting projects.

The work here is all about inserting the cupcake liners into the string lights.

Easy Hanging String Lights

Easy Hanging String Lights

Another way to use string lights is to isolate them.

This is the case here.

You’ve got two poles that hold the string lights over a table.

This allows you to add a little bit of ambience to your outdoor picnic table.

And, the lights let you illuminate the table as well.


Backyard lighting is important.

It lets you easily see things when you go out at night. And, it also improves security by deterring intruders.

But, just because they’re mostly for function doesn’t mean you can use them to increase your home’s visual appeal when it’s dark.

That’s what the ideas and designs above do.

What kind of lighting would you like to have in your backyard?


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