11 Creative Apartment Gardening Ideas

Apartment Gardening Ideas

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Living in an apartment doesn’t always mean you can’t enjoy your own garden. While the space may not be ideal for a traditional outdoor garden, you don’t need to give up your green thumb. To help you overcome the obstacles of growing plants in the city, here are some creative apartment gardening ideas that will liven up your living space.


Trellis Plant Wall

Trellis Plant WallNeed something to decorate a wall in your home? Why not try this trellis plant wall. It combines nature along with the crisscross designed trellis that will give any room extra character.

This is a cool idea if you want to grow plants but don’t have a lot of extra space to put them in. This way you’ll be able to add a garden to your home without using up a lot of space


Apartment Mason Jar Garden

Apartment Mason Jar GardenFor something smaller that you can up on tabletops, this is a good idea. The mason jars are perfect especially for herbs and other small plants. If you do go with edibles, you can place this piece in the kitchen so you can pick the greens when you need them in your recipe.

One of the reasons we love this idea is because it’s compact and portable. This makes it easy to move it around depending on where you want to put it.


Chain of Hanging Pots

Chain of Hanging PotsIf you want to decorate your balcony or prefer some outside space for your garden, this is a lovely option. Hanging the pots overhead lets you save space on the ground. And, it puts the plants at eye level which makes them grab anyone’s attention.

This idea lets you grow different plants at the same time.


Rolling Cart Garden

Rolling Cart GardenIf you want something that can easily be moved from one area of your home to another, try this rolling garden. This creative idea puts you garden right on top of a cart. Not only does this make it easy to move, it also lets you adapt and free up space whenever your need.

The best way to take advantage of this is to grow small plants or herbs.


Indoor Vertical Hanging Garden

Indoor Vertical Hanging GardenThis is an elegant DIY idea that will wow your guests. The best part about it is that it is easy to make. And, you don’t need a lot of woodworking experience to create.

The hanging garden lets you grow different small plants and arrange the pots in any order you want. This makes them more dynamic because you can switch up their places and use different plants depending on what time of the year it is.


DIY Tea Tin Garden

DIY Tea Tin GardenIf you have a lot of extra tins, this is a great idea to try. Tea tins work perfectly because they come with bright colors that give your garden a distinct look. But, you can also use other types of tins if you want to vary the size and shapes of the containers.

With this idea, small plants and herbs are the your best option. They don’t need a lot of space to grow and their roots don’t require soil that goes down too deep.


Skinny Planter Stand

Skinny Planter StandTo add a different accent to your home, try this for size. This planter can replace furniture in your living or dining room. It stands on its own and easily sits against a wall.

The best part about the planter stand is that you get a long row of space to grow the same or different plants.


Window Frame Vertical Garden

Window Frame Vertical GardenWant to add some lovely décor to an otherwise boring window, why not give this idea a try. This garden uses a vertical frame that allows you to hang your plants without taking a lot of space.

By making the garden go up, you’re able to plant different species without taking up any space at home.


DIY Mesh Wall Garden

DIY Mesh Wall GardenIf you want to add a semi-private area in your home or divide rooms in your garden, this is a great idea. The mesh lets you create a border between rooms without being too imposing.

It’s see through style also prevents your rooms from looking smaller which walls can sometimes do.

The best part about this wall is that you can grow a garden on it. This makes it a living wall that’s much healthier and looks better than just a plain divider.


Windowsill Greenhouse

Windowsill GreenhouseThis is a lovely mini greenhouse that’s perfect for any home that doesn’t have the space for a big one. It is beautifully made and you’re able to see the plants though the glass windows.

The greenhouse is a wonderful because it gives your plants its own space. And, it also serves as the container itself.

Placing this greenhouse on your windowsill will add character to it. But, you can also relocate the greenhouse anywhere you want.


Vertical Pallet Jar Garden

Vertical Pallet Jar GardenTo add some rustic flavor to your home, try this DIY pallet jar garden. It makes use a wooden pallet along with some mason jars attached to it. The jars let you grow different plants and lay them across the pallet.

We love this idea because it uses items that you don’t need anymore. And, you get to make something amazing from things that would have otherwise ended up in the trash.


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