Alocasia Plant Care Articles

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Alocasia Plants

Alocasia is a genus in the Araceae family. It currently has 97 accepted species. Although, you’ll see many other species being sold online and by growers especially in Southeast Asia.

If you love collecting unique looking plants, alocasias are perfect for you since many growers are actively creating new hybrids and cultivars.

The plants in this genus are rhizomatous or tuberous. They produce flowers of various sizes and appearances.

But in most cases, Alocasias as best known for their large, broad leaves.

The plants are a perennials and can be grown indoors and outdoors. Some get very big. So, it makes more sense to keep them outdoors, be in it pots or in the ground.

They are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Eastern Australia.

Below, our Alocasia Plant Care articles go through many different varieties of the this genus.

Alocasia Varieties

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