11 Flowers That Bloom All Summer


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Summer is best time to enjoy the garden because the many plants will bloom during this time of year. However, some of them don’t last very long which can become frustrating. Thus, a good solution is to choose flowers that bloom all summer long.

By choosing the ones listed below, you’ll be able to watch and savor their beautiful colors and different forms from June to September.

And, there are different flowers for every part of your garden.

Whether you want climbing vines, groundcover, add density, attract pollinators or grow them in containers, the list below has got you covered.


Flowers That Bloom All Summer



Geraniums are a great choice of flower because there are so many different varieties available. And, while these have different sizes, forms and colors, one of its biggest advantages is there are geraniums that bloom in the spring, summer and fall.

All you need to do is choose the varieties for the season you want.

These flowering perennials grow to between 6 inches all the way to 2 feet tall depending on the species. They likewise grow taller in the garden compared to indoors or in containers.




Most summer flowers are known for their warm colors. But, if you want to add a little bit of something different, try out cornflower.

These are known for their lovely blue colors and their ability to bloom. But, you’ll likewise find other color options as well including white, pink, maroon, lavender and dual colors.

They begin to bloom around mid may and go throughout all of summer. If you want to prolong this period, deadheading really helps.

They do well in zones 2 through 11 so you can pretty much enjoy them no matter where you live in the country.

Given them full sun and well draining soil to bring out their best color and size.




Mandevilas are tropical vines are can grow as perennials in zones 10 and 11. But, most gardeners use them as annuals to bring color and beautiful showy blossoms to vertical spaces.

Mandevilla are well known flowers that bloom all summer long. And, their low maintenance nature makes them a good option even for beginners.

These vines grow anywhere from 3 to 20 or more feet. They com in pink, white and red colors. And, enjoy lots of sunlight to bring out their lovely colors.




Zinnias are amazing annuals that are long blooming. They will start around late in springtime and show their beautiful colors all the way through fall.

Better yet, they are very easy to care for and low maintenance. Plus, they attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

If you’re a beginner or want something that will quickly liven up your garden, these are a great choice.

You can opt for dwarf varieties as well if you want smaller ones. These grow to between 6 to 12 inches tall while the regular ones can get up to about 4 feet high.




Marigolds are a great choice if you want bold colors that will bloom all summer long. They come in lovely bright hues of yellow, orange and red which are perfect for the season.

As a result, they’re a popular option for many gardens during this time. Plus, you they make gorgeous bouquet flowers as well.

To grow marigold in your garden, place them somewhere they get full sun and well-draining soil.

They do best in USDA zones 9 to 11 where they’ll be able to stay outdoors all year long.




Impatiens are another amazing garden annual that are popular because of their ability to bloom. And, there are tons of colors to choose from including blue, orange, white, pink, purple, red and yellow.

They do well on the ground as well as containers. Plus, they’re perfect for shaded areas in your garden.

These thrive in full or partial shade making them a good option for shade gardens or areas in your yard that don’t get a lot of sunlight.






Vinca are beautiful flowers that you don’t hear much of and that’s a shame.

That’s because they are very beautiful especially when grown in bunches to create borders, edging or even beds in your garden.

These lovely beauties are also called Madagascar Periwinkle. And, they’re a good choice for summer gardens because they’ll blossom through the entire season.

Blue is its most popular hue. Although, I’ve seen a few stunning gardens that have used a combination of pink and white together. Other colors include red and purple.




Petunias are well-known thanks to their beautiful blossoms, wonderful colors and long blooming periods.

They’ll start showing up around spring and will go all the way until fall. This makes them a great choice of you want to keep lots of color in your garden through the warmer months.

As a result, many gardeners grow them as annuals. But, in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11, they can be kept as perennials since they’ll be happy with the warmer winters.

Do note that there are 5 different types of petunia, each of which vary in size. As such, do choose the kinds you want depending on whether you want to grow them in containers, as borders, groundcover, in beds or hanging baskets.




In case you want a different look, consider salvias. These are upright growing flowers that give your garden a vertical character to it. Plus, butterflies and hummingbirds love them.

They enjoy warm weather and can tolerate hotter climates making them perfect if you live near the desert or areas that experience high temperatures during the middle of the year.

The best part is that they feature  bright, beautiful colors which is what makes them attractive. You can choose from different colors including purple, red, orange, pink, white and maroon.

But in order to keep them that way, full sun is best. They likewise do well in part sun but you may notice a difference in the brightness of the blooms. Make sure to feed regularly as well.




Pentas are another good choice if you want to have a pollinator garden. They are magnets to butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

Like salvia they are another very heat tolerate plant. But, the two look very different.

While salvia have a more standing nature, pentas tend to grow un clusters which make these star shaped flowers look amazing.

These also bring a different look to your garden.

If you live in zones 10 and 11, you can grow them as perennials. But, for the most part, gardeners keep them as annuals for their ability to bring splashes of color during the summertime.

You can opt for pink, red, white or purple colors.




If you love petunias, you’ll love calibrachoas as well. That’s because they look like smaller petunias. But, they’re prolific growers so you’ll see lots of flowers pop out fairly quickly.

This makes them perfect if you want to add lovely blossoms to your garden. The look also makes them popular for containers and hanging baskets.

In the garden, they’re often grown as ground cover as they’re fairly low growing (up to about 6 inches or so).

What they lack in size, the make up for color as you can pretty much get any hue you want including red, orange, blue, pink, purple and yellow.

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